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    Can't install Android apps on Nook Tablet

      I am trying to install a vendors Android video viewer app on my Nook but when I try to download it, it says that I do not have any phone registered with the system.


      I do not have an Android phone.


      Is there a way around this?



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          You'd have to root the device via the SD card to gain access to the Android Market place. There are issues, like voiding your warrant (if B&N was aware you did it). Search the forums for more info on this. The Nook Tablet general dicussion has a thread about it with a guide.

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            I have been using the Amazon Android Apps Market site for my Android phone but there you can grab apps for your Nook Tablet.


            Using the Web on your Tablet simply go to their Amazon site, visit the Android Apps page, find the Amazon Apps and download it to your device.  Are you a registered Amazon user?  Do you have an Amazon account? 


            The Apps market app will download to your device, look on the lower left hand corner for the download symbol.  Tap on it and launch it. 


            Listen, I am no expert but you can play around with it till you find the way and make it happen.  I have downloaded my apps from there and even have the Kindle app so I tried with a cheap book I wanted and it works!!!!


            No rooting necessary and no special sd card necessary. 

            Good luck............

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                Doesnt work for me.  APP downloaded fine but will not install.  Ask me to unarchive it then archive it...

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                    I don't think that's the NT's fault. The android store is Google's, and I think they're still living in the phone age. The rules that they have to consider yourself a full Android include some things that the NT and AK don't have, or don't have activated. So it doesn't think you belong there. I could see warning you if you downloaded an app that needed a camera or gps, but beyond that I'd say it's the buyer's responsibility. The Amazon store does have a lot of apps, and you can download from there with very little effort. A lot of.what I've found there expects a phone sized screen, but not everything. That doesn't help you if you have a vendor's app, and they only have it on Google, though. You might check with the vendor. Some of them have special downloads available for people who can't get them from the Android store. My company uses a Citrix VPN, and its website has a special page where you can install it if you can't do it normally.
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                  When the NT first came out, the firmware that it had did allow loading other apps from Amazon (although I don't think it ever allowed Google apps).  It wasn't long before B&N came out with a firmware upgrade that "fixed" a few things, one of them being, closing the door on loading apps other that B&N apps.  To my knowledge this has never been reversed.  The problem isn't the ability to download an app, it's the way you install them (apparently).  All I know is that the Amazon APK installer would not install on the NT after a certain firmware update.