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    My Nook Color touch screen is going crazy!

      My touch screen will not respond to me.  I tried powering off and back on.  I got a temporary response. It stopped responding again then it started randomly turning pages forward and backward in my book.  Stopped responding again.  I called tech support and they walked me through a hard reset.  Seemed like it work but not 10 minutes after I got off the phone with them it stopped responding again.  I haven't even had it a year.  I am very frustrated.  Anybody experience this problem?  Any suggestions?

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          Make sure the screen is clean. If that's not an issue, contact CS again. You might want to see if they'll replace it, since you say it's less than a year old.
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            Hi Jenny


            I see you had the same problem I have,in that the screen of your Nook HD+ goes MENTAL? I relate it to watching a DVD Movie in FF search mode,how does that sound to you?. Anyway...may I ask how you got on in the end.


            For my part,I've had a VERY strange turn of events,after a "chat" with Nook's CS On-Line chat..Picture the scene (short version) I purchase a Refurb from an On-Line business seller (ebay) On the first day of use it goes MENTAL,I surf the net,end up with a chat to Nook,and they say I should return it to THEM (Nook) for replacement. :smileysurprised:


            So jenny...how did you get on with yours?


            All the best