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    BIG drop in sales & Tech Issues?

      I know there are other posts similar but I have to reiterate this based on my own experiences.


      I've been hit with a massive drop in sales figures, we are talking less than 1/4 of what I use to do, and this has been consistent since the tech. issues have begun.


      Who else has seen this happen? I'd really like to take a tally or something because this is going to be an issue if it keeps up much longer.


      To clear a few things up, just to cut through the "possibilities" here:


      I've had steady sales for months now, there is no real fluxuation in sales figures due to the number of books published, marketing efforts, and other various factors I won't bother with here... just know, that isn't an issue for me in this quest to find out what is going on here, it has to be something else. I keep very close logs of sales figures for daily, weekly, and monthly stats and at the bare minimum what I'm seeing now doesn't even come close to what it should be.


      Also, I have to ask... has anybody had any success with publishing a new book, editing a current one, or anything of that nature? I get that familiar err. message every single time no matter when I try.


      My big concern though is the sales figures. It's making me re-evaluate sticking with nook as a means to publish. This is simply unacceptable.

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          Ive experienced the same problem.  Folks have told me point blank that theyve bought my book and its not showing the sales.

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             It seems like some progress has been made on the Technical Issues (for the moment) ...still not perfect but I was able to make adjustments to perform some tests on sales. If there is no change in stats as a result of this then there will be no shadow of a doubt something fishy is going on here. Be it unresolved technical issues or what-have-you. 

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              I absolutely agree that sales for whatever reasons are not reported to us accurately. You'd think this would cause publishers to leave Pubit in droves and while some have left over it, the majority see the problem but continue with the platform. I think this mostly has to do with holding out hope that the problem will correct itself but this continues to not be the case. Even with so many of us seeing clearly that sales do not come even close to being where they should be, using every logical gauge available {compared to other outlets, factoring in increases in published books, our promotional push and time of year}, there are still those publishers who post often here who are giving Pubit "an out" in this regard. They come in behind those who express their legitimate concerns and they patronize those concerns. This has resulted in Pubit taking them far less seriously. If more publishers had collectively demanded deeper investigation and the hyper complimentary publishers were not shooting down those efforts, it is my belief that the lack in sales reporting would have been more thoroughly investigated a long time ago. Companies simply don't investigate problems that increase their revenue unless an obvious negative consequence becomes imminent.

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                My sales seem to be down compared to the last few months, but not drastically so, maybe 10 or 15 percent. I'm experiencing the same at other distributors, and figured it was just a slow time before holiday sales kick in heavy. Or maybe I'm selling like hotcakes and my numbers are way off.


                Either way, I do tend to get my sales in bunches. I might go a day or two or sometimes even three without any sales reported whatsoever, then BAM, in one day I'll rack up a ton of sales. Just figured that was BN's usual slowness.