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    Can't get into Yahoo mail

      I downloaded the new software version yesterday and now I can't access Yahoo mail. When I type in the URL I get a screen that tells me to download Yahoo for android, or proceed to Yahoo Mail classic. When I try to download the android version I get a screen that says it can't be downloaded. If I try to go to classic Yahoo mail, nothing happens. Going in from the email app doesn't work either. Is there something I need to change, or is this a glitch in the new software?

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          You'll have to access it in desktop mode instead of mobile browser mode. I tried every direct link to my AT&T email  accound which uses Yahoo and none would work unless I used desktop mode.

          Hold your finger down on a blank part of the web page and choose settings. The first thing on the page should be "Browser Mode". Choose that and select "Desktop Mode" in the dropdown. You should be able to access Yahoo mail that way. Kind of a hassle, but the only way I know.