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    Is there a way to redownload AVG antivirus?

      my computer got a virus and it uninstalled AVG after i paid $50 for it...so i dont have a way to scan and remove the virus...i tried contacting customer support as i still have the email containing my license number, but i found out you have to pay another $50 just to get customer support and talk to a live agent! wtf right? all i want to do is re-install the software i already purchased.
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          Kind of off topic here, no?


          But if you get the free version isn't there a spot to key in you activation code? Just a guess on my part.

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            If you got malware on your computer that was able to uninstall Avg, it is not going to let you install AVG. It will block it. Your best bet is to start your computer in safe mode with networking. Then go to download.com Get Malwarebytes Anit-malware, install, update, and do a scan in safe mode. I doubt that your infection uninstalled AVG, I think it's just hiding it from you. But you can download AVG again and your license key will work. You could also go to AVG support forums and get free help. The reason they want $50 from you is the only way they can install avg for you is to remove the threat. They aren't about to do that for free. They would go broke if they fixed everyone's computer for free. Most users who get infected, cause it by the things they do