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    Apps "not supported on this NOOK"

      A couple of days ago, Netflix just stopped working.  Everything I would launch it, it would just close right back out.  After scouring the internet, I attempted to do a few fixes (reboot, uninstall/reinstall, archive/reboot/unarchive, and de-register/re-register) only to make the issue a little worse.


      Via the store on my Nook HD, or prior when I was trying to re-download a couple of apps, I get the error message "Sorry, this content is currently not supported on this NOOK."  It was just Netflix, but now it's my OfficeSuite Professional 7 doing it as well, which only started earlier today when I attempted the de-/re-register, which leads me to believe this is an issue with my Nook HD, not with the individual apps.


      Are there any other fixes, or is the lack of support now intentional?



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          Have you tried a full factory reset? 


          From another thread on this forum:  Turn the NOOK off completely.


          Hold the Power button and Home (n) buttons. The device will turn on. Continue to hold both buttons until the device shuts off once again (~15-20 seconds). 


          Turn the device on normally. It will prompt for a factory reset. Press the Home button twice to confirm.


          This will do a complete reset versus just a de-register.

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            As far as OfficeSuite Professional is concern, it looks like the app has been pulled from the NookStore. (When you go thru the website to the B&N App Store and view apps, normally it displays what devices an app is available for. Right now, it's not displaying anything.) So either there was a glitch in the latest update, or the developer pulled it from the store.) Complain to the DEVELOPER!!!!! (I can't redownload it either, so it's not your device.)
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              I dont know about Office Suite, but there is a newer listing for Netflix in the Nook App Shop.  Found this out myself when i recently did a reset.  I bet if you search Netflix in the Shop it will say you need to buy it (for free).  Your older version is no longer supported even though it still appears in your library.  Just install the new one or get the app from the Play Store instead.   


              If the same thing has happened with the paid version of Office Suite I would contact the developer.