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    HD won't let me sideload content

      I have my NOOK HD hooked up to my MacBook. When I plug the device into the USB port, it shows up as a "NOOK" icon on my desktop. When I open it, it won't allow me to drag anything in it. I also have a MicroSD card installed and it doesn't appear on my desktop. I have a NOOK Tablet and when I plug it in the computer with the MicroSD card, it shows not only the NOOK drive but also the MicroSD card drive. It allows me to drag content from my computer into those files. Not with my HD, though. What's going on? Does anyone else have this problem? Am I doing something wrong?

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          In Nook HD+ settings there is an option to set either MTP or PTP (Camera). Does setting it as PTP work for you?


          The other option is to restart your Mac and your Nook HD+ and see if that works.


          I've had problems with the PC not recognizing Nook HD sometimes and once even my Nook HD+ wasn't recognized.


          Got solved on rebooting PC. Other users on the forum have mentioned that changing from MTP to PTP worked for them. I think it's under Settings and then Storage Management and then USB Connectivity.

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            I fought this exact problem on my imac, I even started a thread thats somewhere around here. Have you installed the mynook software that pops up when you first plug the nook into your Mac? If so and you still can't sideload, try enabling adb under the developer settings. Truly the thing that finally worked for me was to erase and unregister the device, then try doing the mynook install before loading up anything else. I suspect there may be some kind of partioning issue with the mynook install if anything else is already loaded up.
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              I was facing the same problem with my newly bought HD+.  I'd upload EPUB files from my computer and they would either not format correctly (full justification ignored), or produce an error message.  Nor could I get rid of the cover icon after erasing them from the Nook's internal storage. 


              I discovered that all of this gets fixed if you go into Settings (All Settings), choose first "Device Information," then "Developer options" and check the first item ("Enable ADB"), then sideload your files.  My guess is that it works with apps as well as text files.

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                Hi! PROBLEM SOLVED for properly connecting, and safely ejecting, at least the NOOK HD+ and an iMac running Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. You do not need the Android FIle Transfer app when using MyNOOKSetup.


                1) First get BN's software to connect the Mac and HD+ (the link is now working) - http://www.NOOK.com/MyNOOKSetup


                2) Click the dmg file to install MyNOOKSetup


                3) Use the NOOK's supplied cable to connect it and your Mac


                4) Now, at least under OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, go to the Finder menu (top left corner), then open Finder Preferences. Now click on the fourth option ("Connected servers") -- the Apple Tech Support agent said that it is by default turned off. Once you click on Connected servers, the icon for MyNOOK will appear on your desktop. Inside MyNOOK, you'll see all of the expected folders (Books, Documents, Magazines, etc.) for both the device and, if you've installed it, your SD Card. You can now manage your files as you want.

                The un-Maclike, and clunky, Android File Transfer app did not generate any NOOK desktop icon, that you can drag to the trash to safely eject it. With the method described above, issue solved. And the Apple agent confirmed that there was no danger in corrupting the files or hardware, as with the dreaded warning: "The disk was not ejected properly..." Now, all's right between my Mac and NOOK HD+


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                  I picked up a refurbished Nook HD+ and ran into exactly this problem myself. I tried installing the MyNook software and it still did not work. Looking at the system log, I saw that the "nookfs" process was crashing, and looking at the crash log, I see that it is trying to load the libosxfuse library which does not exist:


                  Dyld Error Message:

                    Library not loaded: /usr/local/lib/libosxfuse_i64.2.dylib

                    Referenced from: /Applications/MyNOOK.app/Contents/MacOS/nookfs

                    Reason: image not found


                  On a wild guess, I downloaded and installed OS X Fuse from:




                  And it worked!

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                    Try this.  Go to the site, download the dmg and install on your mac.  I did it, worked like a charm.  I had to drag files from my nook to my computer, then onto the SD card, but it worked.  Even simpler to drag content from your computer to the Nook HD.   http://www.android.com/filetransfer/



                    Hope this helps.  Love the NOOK HD+, but these little glitches can be frustrating.