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    Nook Color went to sleep, can't wake up or unlock


      So everything looked fine with my NC last night when I tried out a bunch of travel guides while going to bed and putting it on to trickle charge (using a standard micro-USB charger rather than the NC charger as I've been doing for months).


      It looked fine this morning when I woke up and checked a couple things out.  Then I decided on 4 or 5 travel guide books and maps and purchased them through bn.com.  The first two downloaded to my NC just fine and it went to sleep.  I tried to wake it up to see if I could get the other travel guides to load before I left for work and it would NOT wake up.  I pressed the power button, I pressed the Nook button.  I held them down for 3-5 seconds each.  I didn't do more because I was afraid of getting a factory reset after I just placed 200 sideloaded books on my shelves (!).


      I could wake up the Nook to get the unlock keypad by placing it on the trickle charger but I couldn't get the keypad to respond to any presses to unlock the NC so it goes back to sleep after 5 secs.  Went through this cycle several times before I finally had to head into work.


      Any suggestions?  The screen is clean and dry and the battery should be nearly 100% even after work.