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    Pen name only- Women's Erotica writing and protecting legal name

      New here and about to upload a book for sale. The account information must, obviously, be listed as your taxable/real name so you can receive payment from B&N. I want to make sure that name stays absolutely private and only my pen name is visible to anyone searching out information after the book goes up for sale.


      Any wisdom here from other writers regarding their real name protection for eBook sales?


      Also- my genre is women's erotica and there is a note in the agreement stating that no "pornographic" material can be uploaded. Hmmm. Two words here: Fifty Shades. I'm hoping that what they are suggesting is a deterrent for amateur and really bad writing. Yes??


      Again, seeking wisdom.


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          The account info is private. Your real name won't show up on the site. It is a good idea to make sure the book is labeled as erotica. People get very upset when they buy a book that doesn't say that and then find out when they read it. You can read threads in other sections that someone is unhappy with this. Good luck and hope you enjoy being at B&N.
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            Yes, account info is separate from what info you place with your book.


            And yes, somewhere in your description you should say it's erotica. I bought a book for my son, (it said it was about dragons) and thought I'd read it first. Let me say that about 1.5 pages in and already it was clear this wasn't something he was ever going to read! I was livid and left a review reflecting it. Now, I'm not opposed to reading a good book, erotica or anything else, but I like to know what I'm buying up front.


            Another thing I've seen readers complain about is if the story they bought is a short and not a full length novel. I've had friends receive reviews based on this because it wasn't clear and they felt cheated.


            Congratulations on getting ready to publish your novel!!

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              Hello, I just want to say that in this day and age I do not believe there is a problem with a woman or a man writing "erotica."  I am a man and of my 17 published titles, only one is at all sexually related, it is titled GOLDEN SHOWERS Stories by Phyllis, and is about Urolagnia, considered medically a paraphilia. My name is not concealed, and it is obvious to anyone reading the book, that I wrote it.


              I suggest that eventually your identity will become known, especially if your work sells well. The Internet reveals all.Historically. the identities of authors with pen names become known. And, why not accept the credit for your writing? So please try not to be so concerned. Good luck!


              "GOLDEN SHOWER Stories By Phyllis"Mature, Urolagnia, only $3.99.


              Golden Showers Cover.jpg