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    Nook Shines The Light On Reading In Bed

      It has been reported that Barnes and Noble have released the newest version of their Nook e-reader that has been specifically designed to address the difficulty consumers have had in the past of being able to read at nighttime.The Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight, is a black and white e-reader and features a backlit screen that emits a softly glowing light. A report found that 38% of e-reading is done in bed, and with the added light feature, consumers will not have to worry about disturbing their partners. Reportedly, with the simple press of a button, the reader will be able to activate the light feature, or if conditions do not warrant the need for light, the unit will function as a regular E Ink device which operates better in sunlight than most other tablets which have an LCD display.


      According to reports, Barnes and Noble have begun to take preorders for the device and is scheduled to start shipping in May, hoping to cash in on gifts for Fathers Day, Mothers Day and graduations. Reportedly, analysts agree name brand awareness is an obstacle the company need to overcome to succeed.


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