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    Nook erased itself when updated

      I sideloaded the update on Monday...everything was working great...fast forward to tonight when I was ready to start reading something and noticed that my wallpaper (which I stupidly didn't save anywhere else except the nook!) was replaced with the traditional "nook" wallpaper....then all my books were missing.


      The nook had reformatted itself! It still claims to be 1.2 software, but huh? Why is it doing this?


      Granted, I didn't really lose anything because all the books were on file on bn.com (although I did lose my wallpaper because I didn't have a SD card backup) but now I have to download my 60+ books all over again?! What is going to prevent this from happening again?


      Anyone else have this problem, or am I the only "lucky" one?