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    Returned my Nook Tablet today


      I know this might generate a few 'don't let the door hit you on the way out replies', but hear me out.


      I had the Nook Color for well over a year.   I rooted it, and put my favorite apps on it (Facebook, weather, maps, finance, local news, etc.  Yes, even the Kindle app) .  But I used it mostly for reading B&N content.  Probably 50+ books, a couple magazines, a national newspaper.


      I read with it probably an hour each day, and at least another 1/2 hour playing games.  My Nook went everywhere I went.  Until I left it on a plane earlier this month.  :smileysad:


      No one turned it in, so I bought the Nook Tablet at Target.   I looked at the apps that Nook offers, and they are sad.  No FB, no recognizable weather, news, maps, etc.    I tried to root it, and was successful, but read that Nook can push an update and that would wipe out my changes.  Even with a root, there are many Andrid apps that aren't available.  So, this morning, I returned it.


      This message is for B&N.  I didn't return it because I need my tablet to have the fastest processor, the most memory, or bluetooth.   But I do need my tablet to have access to the best Android apps.  If they were availble though Nook, or by rooting, I wouldn't have returned the Tablet.





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          There is no reason for most of us to have issue with your decision. If you wish BN to know a letter to customer service or corporate services would be more likely to be seen than a forum for customers to share information and tips with each other.
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            As far as apps @ BN goes, you have a point.


            There have been a few people mentioning the AFN cards, I had a look and the AFN Recovery Plus! micro SD card looks promising. Maybe not enough to get you to chamge your mind, but it may be worth it to you to have a look.

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              sparky_80 wrote: But I do need my tablet to have access to the best Android apps.


              Based on the quoted sentence you might want to purchase something specifically marketed to do what you want.

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                It is fairly simple to block OTA B&N updates on a rooted NT. BFN can't force an update if you do so.
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                  Any web site/page you use alot just save as a favorite. That works great i just click on the page in my favorites and it opens right up. I had the original Nook, with the 3G which i loved, for alittle over a year (i accidently broke it) Since they were no longer selling the 3G I bought the color not knowing the tablet was coming out the next week. I exchanged for the tablet which I do like. The thing i dislike most about it is that when you wishlist something via the nook or computer it doesnot share with the other device. I do have the freezing issue and purchased a warranty but if i get a new nook i will have to re wishlist over 600 books. Also since my wishlist on my nook cannotbe viewed on the B&N site i do not have a list of my wishlist from my nook. I guess I had better get a pen and paper and start writing. If anyone knows of a way to share between the Nook andB&N site please let me know