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    C7 nook applications recommendations

      I just put C7 on my nook color and I am trying to set it up.  I am not familiar with android. Anybody know a good app to show time and date on the home screen?  A simple digital clock.  I like the adroid widget but I have to touch the clock to see the digital clock and I want it to already be on the home screen without having to go through the additional step.  I have tried looking into the settings but can not find the option for having it run on the homescreen. 

        I was also wondering about sending text messages from the C7 nook color is that possible and which app would allow that.  I tried to send a message from the messaging that already came with the C7.

       If someone has any additional recommendations for applications to run on the nook color, I would appreciate.  Always like to know what is possible. If they are free that is great.

       Finally, I assume it is impossible but I thought I should throw the question out there just in case.  I bought the quick office pro application for my nook color when it was running stock. I would love to have it while running C7, there is no way of accessing it, is there. If I really wanted to run it on C7 I need to purchase it again, right?  

        Is there a good free office app for C7.

        I did not buy a N2A card.  My brother made the card for me from the following instructions:


      Flavors of Daylight: Running CyanogenMod 7 from SD (Nook Color): Simplified Instructions


      Sorry for my unfamiliarity with this all.. would really like to learn.  Be gentle.



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          For digital clocks, there are a bunch listed as "Sense Analog Clock." I know that makes no sense, but they show up as the 4 digits. Or, you can try Go Weather, which has clock widgets that also will pick up weather if you are on wifi. There are many different widgets for Go Weather and also many ways it will show you the weather.


          For SMS, I use TextPlus. The texting is free, and when you sign up, you actually get a phone number, so people can send you texts. Of course, you must be on wifi in order to send and receive. With TextPlus, you also have the ability to make and receive calls. I was able to do that once, but have had trouble repeating it. You will need to be able to connect a headset through USB. You would need to be able to enable USB host, which Nook Color Tweaks allows. When I figure out which set up works for me consistently, I will surely post it. TextPlus gives you a few free minutes, then you can buy them at about $.01/minute.


          As for the Office Pro app, if you bought it from the B & N Nook store, I don't think you can put it on CM7. If anyone knows how, please correct me. Anything you buy on the Android Market will be downloadable, generally, as long as you always log in with the same Gmail account. So, if you later move to CM9, you will still be able to use most apps you purchased on the Android Market on CM7. There are a small minority of apps that may be tied to the particular hardware you are on, and may not be available if you change either your Nook, or possibly the operating system on it. I have found that occasionally, as I have an Android phone and now my Nook. But most will work.


          What do you need the office app to do? If it's for reading pdfs, there are apps that handle that that are less expensive than the regular office apps. There are also free office suites as well as the paid ones on the Android Market. Often the free ones won't allow you to modify or make a new document on your Nook, though you'll be able to read them for free.


          As a side note, I am running both CM7 and CM9 from one microSD card from this thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1448186. Sorry, but my browser is not letting me put the link in. I also have another microSD card that has Miui on it. You can find that in the same sub forum at Xda-Developers. The CM7/CM9 card is a 16GB card. The Miui one is an 8GB card.