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    Latest ad says there's a calendar

      I just received an email advertisement for the Nook. At bottom center there is a paragraph that says:


      Get Organized


      Our calendar, QuickOffice,

      American Airlines apps,

      & tons of others help

      you stay on top of your

      busy schedule.

      Shop Now >


      Does anyone know where to find the first thing mentioned, "Our calendar"? I have search high and low on the tablet and on these message boards. I can't find "Their calendar" anywhere.





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          There are two calendar apps in the app store, however they are from developers outside of B&N:



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            Fliq Calendar


            Alarm Clock, Calendar, ToDo - App+Wallpaper Helper



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              .....and I don't like either one.

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                The new puffin browser does support gmail and google calander. No flash support however.

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                  I like the Fliq Calendar because it is the same calendar that came installed on my Nexus S phone.  I spent $29.00 with Mark/Space for the Missing Sync for Android (it was on sale) so now my phone, Nook Color and Nook Tablet calendars are all in sync with my Outlook calendar on the computer.  Way slick...

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                    Sadly, it (Fliq) wants to link to a desktop to synch.  I wanted it to synch with my Outlook calendar over the net via the server like my phone does.  I don't want to have to hook it to my computer to sync.

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                      flipster:  this is from CompanionLink


                      CompanionLink has the capability to synchronize with folders on an Outlook Exchange server.

                      To configure CompanionLink to use your Exchange folder follow the steps below.

                      1) Launch CompanionLink Setup and click on the "Outlook Settings" button

                      2) Click on the Outlook Folders tab. This tab will take a while to come up as, when you click on it for the first time, it must read all of the folders on your Exchange server. Do not click Cancel. (You can manually stop Outlook from searching for Exchange folders by right-clicking the Outlook icon in your system tray, and clicking "Cancel server request".)

                      3) Select the correct folders from the drop-down menus. If you would like to also synchronize with the subfolders of these folders, put a checkmark next to the option to sync subfolders.

                      4) Click ok. With these options set CompanionLink will sync your handheld with your Outlook Exchange folders.


                      Hope this answers your network sync question.

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                        Hi FluffyDuff,


                        I'm part of the team that makes the Wallpaper Helper app.


                        Could you please let me know what you don't like about it and what areas of improvement you think there are.


                        Thank You.

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                          Hey 5ivedom, I just took a look at wallpaper helper and am going to buy it just because your posting on this board. This shows me that you are concerned about your customers and quality of your apps. (Assuming of course you really are from 5ivedom) It is refreshing to see. Thank you for that!
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                            Thanks Bravo331.


                            Yes, we do care.


                            Also, you'll be glad to know that we are doing a HD version of Wallpaper Helper.


                            1) It'll be free if you buy Wallpaper Helper. So the HD version for Nook HD and HD+ is not going to be a $3 'special HD' title or anything. If you buy it for Nook Color or Tablet, then whenever you buy a HD or HD+, you can get the HD version for free.


                            2) For the HD version in addition to HD graphics we've added more HD backgrounds. There are some really nice ones too.


                            One disclaimer: Our Google Calendar support is experimental.


                            We don't support some features, we don't support multiple calendars (only the main one), and we don't support some Android Phones because they don't add events to the main calendar.


                            Please feel free to email me at booksummit@ymail.com if you have any questions or run into any problems.

                            • 11. calengoo vs wallpaper vs cozi

                              I am currently using cozi, and was using it prior to getting my nook tablet.  However - it doesn't load enough of the calendar if I am not online - for example if I want to enter something offline for january it will do that but until I get to wi fi, I have no idea if there is something else on that day!  very frustrating.  Does google or the wallpaper one fix that?

                              What I like about cozi is that the whole family's stuff is on there and I can set it to text the kids or hubby if they need to know.  I don't want to switch, if the next one isnt any better.


                              How about a sticky note app that actually puts the sticky notes where you need them, like on the "opening screen"  Do any  of them do that?  If I could remember to look at the note app, well, then why would it be different than a to do list in another app...I want the stickys on the screen 1st thing.


                              Any ideas?