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    NOOKbook Wish List . . . It's back!

      I had my NOOKbook Wish List bookmarked and had quit checking it after getting "the creation has reached its limit" for the past few weeks.  Many other people seemed to be having that problem, too.


      Today, I read in a thread on another board that someone had accessed the lost wish list by clicking on the two dots in the See my other wish lists pull-down list on the main Wish List page. (The main Wish List page can be accessed from the pull-down menu under My Account  I tried that first, and was about to give up because I couldn't select the two dots; I kept reopening the main wish list or the wish list listed beneath the two dots.  


      But, finally, my NOOKbook wish list popped up (68 of my final 75 titles were still on the list, including one of the very last titles I had added; in addition 3 old, long-deleted titles also showed up).  I opened another tab in my browser and tried my bookmark:  the list appeared again!  I closed both tabs, crossed my fingers,  and tried to open the wish list from my bookmark . . . SUCCESS! 


      Three thoughts/bits of info:

      1. I have now successfully added a new title  to my NOOKbook Wishlist from the page for the NOOKbook title, not via the ADD button on the wishlist page.   (Yes, I know, I was tempting fate!)
      2. The NOOKbook Wishlist still does not show up in the Wishlist dropdown list, only the two dots (I actually think they are the top of the bow on the unseen gift-box icon).
      3. I don't know if opening the NOOKbook Wishlist though the "two dots" link was the real "fix" or if opening my list through my bookmark would have also worked today.
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          I'm sure either would have worked. 


          Yes, the two dots are the top of the giftbox icon, and you don't see the whole icon because as far as the dropdown is concerned, your wishlist has no name, so it spaces it incorrectly.  On the My B&N page, down in the lower right where it shows your wishlists, mine went from three to two, but it only shows the paper book list by name, probably because the nook wishlist is unnamed.