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    How to Remove Credit Card info from Nook account to block child purchases

      I hope B&N revisits this issue.  When purchasing a Nook for a child, the device requires an adult to enter their credit card information into the device to activate the Nook account. Worse yet, there's no obvious way to remove the parent's credit card info from the Nook afterwards.  Children can thereafter make purchases from the Nook Store without restrictions.


      I found a way to remove credit card from one's Nook account.  Log into the associated B&N account, select MY ACCOUNT > MANAGE ACCOUNT > MANAGE DEFAULT PAYMENT > and simply delete the credit card data on file.  The associated B&N / Nook account will persist and have no impact on the child using the device. In fact, doing to will ensure that your child cannot make purchases on your credit card ... and it will still allow Gift Cards to be used for purchases.  Shame on you B&N for not making the Nook parent-friendly, in regard to assigning parental controls for purchases.


      Also, on the Nook device, select SETTINGS > APPLICATIONS > SHOP > and ensure there's a checkmark next to "Password protect purchases for adult profiles".

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          I just want to point out that you chatised B&N for not having parental controls, and then finished your post by pointing out the parental controls that are indeed there.


          Also, FYI, if you set up a child profile in the profile menu,  password protection is turned on by default and it even allows you to set a PIN lock on the parent profile so the settings cannot be changed.


          If you remove a credit card, you will NOT be allowed to use gift cards as purchases will still check for a CC to be present.  The above parental controls do make it safe to leave a CC on the account in any case.