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    Status and HowTo for reading BN protected books on WM 6.5 devices

      Like many I am a long time Palm/Peanut Press/eReader client, and place portability and longevity for my ebooks - and flexibility in device selection - as the top considerations in selecting a technology. I am ready to try the BN implementation of the ePub format on my HTC Imagio but even after browsing these forums I'm not sure how to go about it. Can someone please confirm or modify and my assumptions?

      I downloaded  BNeReader_1.0.0.27.CAB - that seems to be the recommended version, unless there is something more relevant from HTC.

      I believe it will not be able to read my existing .pbc books from eReader

      I believe the ePub books available from Fictionwise are not readable by the BN software

      There is some question about whether pdb versions of books can be downloaded from BN or not - maybe at one time and not now?

      There is a discussion about using the eReader browser to get purchased books from the BN site and another suggesting that books downloaded by the BN Reader can't be opened. Is there any update on the current status and recommended approach for accessing the books?

      Thanks! -- Kathryn


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          I don't have a Wm device.  I believe that the ereader at the level you mentioned was just a rebranded version of the Ereader.com pro.  But even if it isn't, if it can read B&N PDB it should have absolutely no problem reading Fictionwise and eReader.com books.  The format is the same and so is the DRM.

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              To access B&N DRM'd books from your Imagio, use the version of the BNeReader software that you mentioned. It will access your library on B&N's website, so you'll see a list of your B&N ebooks only, and will have the option to download a book from your library, remove one from your phone, or read anything that's previously been downloaded. It doesn't look at any or your local content, so you can't use it for reading pdb files from eReader or Fictionwise.  Use the eReader software from either website to do that. Originally some of my books from B&N were being downloaded from the website in pdb format.  The pdb books could be read from either version of software since they use the same DRM scheme.  Lately they're all being downloaded in ePub format, which the old eReader software can't handle.  I still have both programs on my phone and just put a quick link on my homescreen to whichever software I'm using to read my current book and then change the quick link whenever my new books is in a different format.


              Just FYI, I sometimes have a problem with BNeReader failing a login to my library.  If that happens to you, go to Settings->Account Settings->Login.  That option only shows up for me when the automatic login was unsuccessful.