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    Books in series all listed as one book

      Has anyone else had this problem?


      I published a series of 7 ebooks (Suburban Haiku), each with a separate title, cover, and content.


      The bookstore is showing the series as one book, with the additional titles listed under "All Available Formats." Reviews for separate titles in the series all show up on each title.


      I've emailed Pubit at least a half dozen times, with no response.


      Any advice? I would be so grateful if someone could help me!!


      Peyton Price

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          I wish that I could tell you some good news, but I have had this same problem for months now. I lost track of how many e-mails that I have sent. I have two series of books. I have 14 books in "The Little Pig Dog" series of children books, and I have 8 books in the "How to Walk Christian Series" of Christian living books. I have tried everything. I have re-uploaded all of the books. I have changed all of the titles around. I have changed search words. I did finally manage to get 17 of my books listed, but now all of my ratings and comments are messed up. Most of the books show duplicate comments and ratings. The only solace is that all of my book titles show up when searched with the NOOK or when searched with the BN Bookstore app. for the iPad or iPhone, so although my computer sales have suffered, my NOOK sales seem to be alright. If ANYONE could help us, PLEASE.

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            Huh. This is making me think twice about linking up our Oz books (and our new author's series) by using the series fields in PubIT.


            I've got issues with B&N linking together many Oz books - when you search on "Marvelous Land of Oz", you don't see ours at all until you look at the few that do come up, and we're listed at "other versions" of someone else's books. The only way to find our books is to search on "Eltanin Publishing".


            You know... I might have the phone number for PubIT. When we first registered, there was a problem with the tax ID number and I got a message to call them. Shall I sell the number to the highest bidder? :smileyhappy: (kidding)

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              Well, I don't know if a moderator read the posting that someone might have the phone number for PubIt or if the problem finally just got figured out, but now all of my books in each series are listed individually as they should be. Thank you, thank you, thank you to whoever it was that solved this problem which I have been having for months. My ratings and comments are still messed up in the listings, but at least all my books now are listed and can be found. Thank you again Barnes and Noble. I still am very proud to be a PubIt author.

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                Same here! My books are now listed separately! The ratings still overlap, but I'll take it.


                Thanks Pubit!