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      I am trying to figure out how to add people to my nook so that I can use the lend me feature.  I have synched my account with gmail, twitter, and facebook, but it is unclear if these people then are on the list for the lendme feature (no names or books show up when I go to lendme app).  So then I figure if I log in online it will make sense to me, but then they only have people to follow???  And none of my current contacts are on that list??? What is what here and where do I need to add someone to use lendme?  Why are there so many different ways to add people?? And none of them seem to do what I want.


      Also, isnt a bit ridiculous that you cannot write on this forum directly from the NookColor.  It would be a wonderful to be able to get techsupport for my nookcolor from the device!! 

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          HI! I am still trying to figure out how to sync my contacts let alone using the lend me feature. the one person I know of my friends who has a nook I manually input his email addy...maybe you could help me sync my accounts? THANKS! H :smileyhappy:
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              I may have misspoke when I said synched contacts from facebook, twitter, and gmail.  I do not believe that facebook or twitter actually sync any contact.  It only allows you to post to them directly from a book when you log in.  I did (I think) sync with gmail.  To link your nookcolor to any of these go to settings in the main menu and click on social undeer app settings then enter in your info for whichever you want to sync.  I hope that helps!

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              You can type in directly from the nookcolor.  Just change the text type above the text box from the 'Rich Text' default to "HTML".  The cursor does not appear but the keyboard comes up and enters text.