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    New free browser app in the store!

      Just noticed a new free browser app was uploaded today--Puffin browser. Haven't had a chance to explore it too much but there are several improvements over the B&N browser:


      Has tabs

      Since its an app, you can park it on your home screen!

      has a back "button" in the status bar so you don't have to scroll all the way up (yes, I know you can back swipe on the status bar too, but the single touch button is faster.)

      Also has a menu at the bottom which has back and forward buttons as well as access to bookmarks.

      On the bookmark page there is a link for "home"


      It automatically imported all my bookmarks from the B&N browser. It also seems to be faster.


      one downside--it does not support Flash.


      Other than that, so far, so good.