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    Horrible Bible

      I just downloaded this bible




      And put it on my Nook. However, there is abosultely no good way to find a specific book. If any one who owns this bible knows a good way of navigating it on the Nook, please share. Thanks!

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          I purchased the Joyce Meyer Bible & it works perfect on the Nook! :  )

           I could not find a free version that worked.

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            I downloaded the sample of nearly every bible I could find, to see how they were laid out before purchacing one.


            I settled on the Zondervan NIV (http://search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/isbninquiry.asp?ean=9780310294146) and have been pretty satisfied with it.  There is a hierarchical menu structure whereby you can (after several clicks) get to specific verses.


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              I am partial to the NLT but B&N only offers an outdated copy. The NLT 2nd version has been out for several years but is not offered.

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                I too have the Zondervan NIV Bible and am satistifed with it. It is set up so you can drill down to the book, chapter and verse you want.


                Holy Bible (NIV) 


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                  So here is what I figured out fast. Not all books are created equal. Read the reviews and get the sample before you buy when it comes to study material.  I tried several and ended up with the Zondervan one mentioned by others. It's ok. The formatting is goofy because of the way the verse numbers push down lines. I find the navigation still painful but it's as good as it will get on any ereader program.


                  When you compare studying the bible, cross-linking, dictionaries, commentaries etc. to the iPhone or iPad with Olive Tree Software it's hard to settle for using the nook for such purposes!  I'm hoping they'll mod their android version for the nook at some point and provide a better solution for this type of specific study. I'm hoping the Alex Reader which is more open convinces them to take the first step.

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                    I too am having horrible bible download experiences.   I originally downloaded a NRSV bible, old and new testaments in 2 downloads, and got 2 copies of the old testament, even though one of them said it was the new testament on the title page.  I called customer service, they were unable to help and gave me a refund for the new testament.  However, it is still showing up in my Nook and because of this I am unable to try downloading it again.


                    So, I tried downloading a new testament by a different publisher.  It was a bad download- only the preface showed up, and even that was missing pages.  None of the New Testament was even there!  I have sent an e-mail to b&n and have yet to hear from them. 


                    I need my New Testament!!  You'd think downloads of the most popular book in the world would be absolutely seamless.  I'm very frustrated.