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    "Request This On The Nook" option for the B&N website.

      Here's my experience with trying to find a particular book on my Nook.


      After buying David Sedaris' Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk, I move on to my next query, Earth (The Book) Multiple searches for "Jon Stewart" or "Daily Show" or "Earth The Book" etc bring up frustratingly absent results.  Locating the book on the Barnes & Noble website, I initially have no obvious way of knowing its availibility with regards to my Nook. Cross referencing another search that I know IS availible lets me know the additional format window would answer that question. Something your average consumer is NOT going to do.


      If I'm determined from this point on, I would have to think to use the forums; for you see there is no simple way of requesting that B&N contact that particular publisher with regards to that book. Then I will have to navigate through which forum is appropriate to my particular quest and hopefully notice the sticky for it. Most people are not going to see these forums at all to begin with (with such a small link on the right side of the nook homepage) let alone use them willingly. Many people see forums as a waste of time, as far as customer service goes, and they would probably be correct. At any point during this journey your average consumer is likely to give up. Probably a lot sooner than later.


      Here's a simple easy to use solution!  A competitor who will not be named has a button on every single book that they list that says "I'd like to see this on my ereader" The fine folks at Barnes & Noble should institute such a button. They should keep tallies of the most requested books, and contact those publishers. They should also post statistics, ie "Top 25 Most Requested" for people to see. People like feedback! You should require B&N accounts in order to request, to avoid scripters gaming the vote.


      hey, thanks