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    walmart stop selling kindles

      Walmart to stop selling all kindles after stock they have run out first target now Walmart.they will still sell nook products ipads and other tablets
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          This is probably going to be a continuing trend. Amazon, unlike BN or Apple is a broad based discount competitor. It is the equivalent of your local furniture store not carrying Kenmore appliances. Since Amazons business model is Internet based and Kindle is well established they probably see it as a minor inconvenience at most.
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            Found a really good article over at Seeking Alpha discussing BN's supply chain software which adds to this particular discussion as well as where BN investing costs are going.  Very eye opening and a nice glowing review of BN practices that are not very well known.

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              Does anyone know if Target still sells Nooks?


              The Article claims it does but I haven't seen this information anywhere else. I did read in one place that Target might set up iStores and focus on iPads.




              Also wondering about that article. It's very good. One of the best in terms of insightfulness on Seeking Alpha. But he ends with 'Nook sales of tens of billions or even hundreds of billions'.


              That seems a bit crazy to me. Nook is currently a billion dollar business if you combine annual device sales and ebook sales and app sales. However, seeing it grow to tens of billions of dollars (let alone hundreds of billions of dollars) - that seems hugely optimistic.

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                I just returned from Target and I checked if they have Nooks and indeed they have the NC and NT plus some covers.