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    From The Ashes (was Free Friday book)

      Have any of you read the Free Friday book "From the Ashes" that was offered a few weeks back?


      I am trying to get into it, and just can't make up my mind to continue, or give up..


      I am not putting down the book at all, just I am unsure it meets my tastes in books.


      What roped me in was a hint it was similar to an Indiana Jones story. I enjoy a good mystery, murder, and high adventure. But, even though like a good murder novel, I am not so into the blood,gore, and torture discriptive books.  Murder books, normally set up the body found without having to take you descriptively through the agony of death. Or a murder seen, but not too bloody, and normally not real descriptive.


      So with "From the Ashes" Chapter 1.. two descriptive murders through eyes of murder.. Chapter 2.. more murders a little more 3rd person though.. Chapter 3.. Another descriptive murder..  Chapter 4.. Maybe some Indiana Jones like (archeologist, kindof free spirit)..  Chapter 5.. Another descriptive murder, through eyes of victim..  Chapter 6.. Descriptive murder through eyes of killer..


      For someone who loves blood & guts and getting into the mind of killers, and living through the minds of murder victims.. Great book (just not my style)..  I am just still clinging to "this will end soon..."  "This is all just set up that these are really bad guys.. Ok.. got it, let's move on",  "Soon it will get to the Indiana Jones Storyline"..


      But, for anyone who has read it, or is further along then I, should I just give up? Is this really not the book for me?