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    Show in list the devices & apps that mags can be read on

      I visit the BN Newstand periodically to check and see what new magazines & newspapers have been added, but I'm disappointed that I can't easily see which device &/or app and mag is readable on without clicking on the title and checking the item page. It would save a lot of time and confusion if you could read down the listing of 10 or more periodicals and see which device/app each work with listed right below the title. 

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          I have requested this in another thread, but got no response.  Hopefully your suggestion will merit some attention.  B&N's handling of device compatibility for periodicals has been atrocious, and has not improved.

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            I'm uncertain because of B&N's terminology changes.


            For a while B&N only marketed 3G/WiFi and WiFi only readers refered to simply as the "Nook"


            Eventually we had the Nook First Edition and the Nook Simple Touch, but since then most of B&N's marketing material (accessory packaging, store signage etc) refers to the Simple Touch as the "Nook". While the Simple Touch shifts the touch function to the remaining black and white eInk screen, it still has the same display limitations as the main screen on the original (dual screen) Nook.


            So when I'm looking at the device compatibility ("Read On") listing for a periodical does "Nook" mean it can be read on both the Simple Touch and the original dual screen "... First Edition"? Can I trust the Shopping function on the Nook First Edition to only list periodicals that are compatible with the First Edition reader?