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    Why is B&N Customer Service So Bad?

      I bought a Nook.  On day 3 it quit working.  I had to beg and wheedle to get it replaced.  I bought a Nook App, which did not work on my Nook.  To get a refund, I had to go through multiple e-mails giving them information they had all along. What would be wrong with a simple and cheerful refund--after all, B&N has zero marginal cost on an e-book?  But I am finally happy--today I threw the Nook in the trash and will never again deal with these people.

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          You posted this in the Nook Simple Touch Forum so I "assume" that's the device you have.  Why would you buy an app for it in the first place?  

          I have trouble believing that you just tossed the Nook in the trash when you obviously could have sold it.

          Enjoy whatever device you replaced your Nook with.  Bye now.

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            Terrible customer service, agreed. I've got a NST but bought a Nook Tablet when they went on sale.  After they locked down the Tablet with an update at Christmas it became totally useless to me (the Nook app store has far too few apps to be truly of value right now - I bought what I could there, but had to go to Amazon for what I really NEEDED.)  I returned it for refund first week of January.  Since then I've been waiting to get word from BN about that refund, having chatted with CS a couple of times and not getting any answers, emailing and not getting answers, so now I have to find some time during my work day to go some place other than my desk so I can spend who knows how long talking about this with someone.  I'm not happy, at all, and when it comes time to get a new ereader, I absolutely WILL be getting a Kindle because of this experience - I've returned things with Amazon many times and not once had any kind of hassle.  I really wish I didn't have to say it, but I regret getting involved with BN/Nook all together at this point.

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              Yes I'm thinking about kindle instead. They keep transferring me and themessage says they cannot accept my call please try again.

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                My experience with B&N customer service is quite different.  I bought a Nook HD+ and it developed problems with battery life and a loading problem.  Apps would shut down.  I went to the store, spent around 45 minutes in the back with a sales person.  She did a full factory reset which made me lose all my data on the device.  She didn't even warn me.  After that didn't work, she then called customer service and spoke to a Nook repersentative.  After one hour they could not decide what to do so they called in another saleman from the store to help, he did a factgory reset then decided to replace my nook HD+ altogether.  They wanted to give me a refurbashed product that is certified by NOOK.  But I argued that refurbashed product uses second hand parts.  After 5 minutes and me threatening to return the device for a full refund,  They caved.


                My second problem with B&N has been with the Nook Study App for my desktop.  Barnes and Nobles is split into several copanies or departments, none of them can ever give the same answer.  B&N brick and motar stores, B&N online, B&N Nook, B&N Nook Study.  I bought some ebeooks for the Nook study app at a store and they sold it to me.  5 months later the book was removed because it was considered a rental and it had expired.  When I purchased the ebook at the store they said it was a full sale.  Wehn they called up B&N Nook study, they find out the database on the Nook Study books is different from the database at the B&N stores.  While the store sees sale, the B*N Nook study sales person see's rental.


                It took an hour but I got my refund.  This then happend several months later.  My book was canceleed and removed from my Nook Study library on my desktop.  I called went into the B&N store and they could do nothing, because they no longer deal with B&N  Nook Study ebooks, instead I had to call cusomter service who was constantly sending me over to talk to a sales person about my Nook HD+ tablet.  It was quite the hassel with both salesmen sending me back and forth for at least 5 phone calls before I started getting irated and went to the B&N store again this time with an attitude and had the salesperson call B&N support.  She herself had gotten the very same run around.  Finally they restored my books.  After this hassel, I serously doubt i will ever buy from B&N again, either in stores, online, or their Nook apps store.


                Jut thinking about this brings back memories of the ordeal and how stressful it was.

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                  I've had some horrible experiences with B&N over the phone, however, if you have a local store I'd go in and have the manager call in for you. If you call in you will end up talking to someone in India that will not transfer you stateside. I think B&N is aware of their terrible customer service over the phone yet nothing is being done to correct the issue.