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    Monopoly app review

      Left a review but got the "inappropriate language" shaft again...  "I never learn, I should never be the first one to buy an app w/out reviews. I bought this for my Nook Tablet. Plenty of room for it. After downloading the app, it requests that a 200mb EXTRA download to make it work. Ok, after downloading it all, it still won't work. It starts up, the EA insignia comes up, it goes black, then quits. I rebooted my Tablet. Still the same. I archived then re-downloaded it. Still nothing. $5.00 for an app that doesn't work..great..."

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          Have you contacted the developer yet?  My guess is this is a solvable issue; keep us updated.

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              j-andersonjma wrote:

              Have you contacted the developer yet?  My guess is this is a solvable issue; keep us updated.

              Actually I emailed them and got a robo response to go to their website.  I went to help to fill out a tech help
              "form" for which there was no BN Nook Color or Tablet, and they wanted a cell phone number, still filled it out using "other" tho.  But just went to BN app page and the game is not there if you click on the Monopoly icon, you get redirected to a page that says the item is not there.  What to do....

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              Finally heard from EA and this is the email I received.  Mind you, I referred to BN and BN Tablet constantly: 


              "Thank you for contacting Pogo Customer Support.

              I apologize for this inconvenience.

              Please know that since you have purchased the Monopoly game application from android market and if the game is not running due to technical issue, I would request you to contact Android market help support for this.

              Even for the refund against the Monopoly game, android market is the company that you will need to contact.

              Here's how to contact android market:-

              Click android apps under "Contact us with questions or issues"
              Click on the product and you will be able to contact android market help center thereafter.

              If there's anything else, then please update the same question. I will be happy to assist you further on.


              Electronic Arts – World Wide Customer Experienc"


              Alex:  Now what??

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                Funny.  I bought the N2a card weeks ago for my NT.  I bought Monopoly from the Android Market and have never had a problem.  Works like a charm.