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    Nook Color Bad battery?

      Hello All


      I have a nook color was using put to sleep went back 2 hours later would not come on.


      Figured I must have let it run low (was sure it read 70%) so recharged when got home showed green when plugged in, so unplugged tried to power on still wouldn't come on.


      Tried the soft reset, hard reset, got new cable showed up orange so I though humm 3rd bad cord.


      Charged overnight + green light on unplugged tried again will only flash then show read forever then go back to sleep?


      Then left it on charge cord will run that way...unplug charge cord it's off again.


      Of COURSE this started at 1 year 1 day after I got it so outta luck warranty wise.





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          If you search the forums you should be able to find how to do a factory reset. I think you have to hold the N button either during or after you do a hard reset.


          That might fix the issue where it's not loading.


          Of course, this will lose all your data (for apps, any content you might have sideloaded, etc.). You'll have to redownload books and apps.

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            I did the reset to factory and reregistered and it still goes black whenever it is disconnected from the charge cable, battery stats states 100% charge now.


            Thanks for the reset suggestion but is still not working any other ideas?