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    Anyone else's sales rank rapidly getting worse?


      We all know PubIt's been having some problems with sales reporting lately.  Today, though, my sales rank has lost about 100 places even though my book shows up the 5th one down in the teen fantasy section, and has been for some time.  It's been stable around 200 for a while, and I don't see a reason for it.  I'm wondering if people are now having trouble buying ebooks over there.  Every time I check, my sales rank gets worse.

      Has anyone else going through PubIt noticed their sales rank getting worse?  Or am I just overreacting?  It's very possible my book's simply peaked or the Christmas glow could be wearing off, too. 

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          Mine oncology books haven't sold one since this year. Year, we hd a]our greatest month in December.


          Amazon salr are ehll extabliseh. I have 3 books in the top 3, beating out Johns Hopokins. which is quite a neat trick.


          Any surgesstions?





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            YES!  I know people are buying "Phunny," the SALES do not reflect it!!!!  Frustrating.....





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              Well, I think what's happening is those of us who got in on it early experienced wicked sales growth by the sheer virtue that we got here first. My sales on B&N were through the roof the first three months. But as new books are introduced to the catalog and ours have been available for awhile, it's natural for sales to start dropping off. The rate at which they're dropping off does seem a bit abnormal to me, too, but that could be due to the system glitch.


              There's no way of knowing until B&N gets their stuff together.


              So where I had an immediate flood of sales on B&N and it's tapering off to nothing (only three sales yesterday - evidently), my Amazon Kindle sales were slow to grow and are now stabilizing. I've already sold over 400 books on Amazon this month. On Pubit - only 81 (allegedly).  This could just be because Amazon Kindle has the larger market on eReaders, too.  I'm going to be releasing a few new titles this month and it should be interesting to see if it spikes sales of my other work, too - or if it sells wildly at first, then fades to nothing. I'd almost need a year's worth of data to watch the trends and see what happens before I can really know what to expect with regard to sales on PubIt. Every distributor is different.

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                Holly, my sales rank went way down today too. Just a couple of days ago, both of my books were in the 400's, but this morning, I'm all the way up to 1900 and 2000'ish in the rankings. It's scary! My sales tab also only shows like 3 sales for yesterday and none so far for today. After a lot of growth in December, January sales have suddenly dropped crazy.


                On the other hand, my sales for the 3rd only said 5 sales when it was in the "Today's sales" tab, but all of a sudden this morning, it's listing 54 sales that day. I think there are some majorly slow reporting issues going on within their system, so I'm trying not to worry too much and just be patient. I don't know how traditionally published authors handle hardly ever knowing how their books are selling until some report comes in every six months or so!


                I'm hoping the sales rank drop is only temporary, but it also could be just the fact that people are buying less of my books now that the Christmas rush is over. Hopefully PubIt will post something to let us know what is going on. Best of luck to you with your book!


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                  Yes! this has happened to my book titles also.... Im not sure why or if this is a technical problem.  Im thinking of taking my books off of the site. I have been selling consistantly on kindle and amazon so im not sure why this is happening on b & n site,  There are no phone numbers or anyone there that answers the phone with problems. I was selling a lot but this month nothing at all; very strange.