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    Everything that could go wrong HAS gone wrong

      I just got a brand new Nook HD from my local Walmart. (Just to be on the safe side, I got the recommended 3-year protection plan. At first, I thought the plan was going to be a superfluous purchase, but now I'm glad that I got it; I might be using it very soon unless I can figure out what's going on.)


      I've come across three problems in the past 24 hours.


      1. Battery Charging Issues

      I plugged the Nook into the wall adapter right out of the box. However, the charging light at the bottom of the device never turned on. The battery level was at 18% and discharging. A couple of hours later, I checked on it to find that nothing had changed. The battery charge percentage hadn't gone up and a light hadn't come on.


      Strangely enough, the light DOES come on when I have the Nook hooked up to my laptop, but it doesn't seem to be charging. What's more frustrating is that the percentage rate has gone down to 16%, BUT I'm gaining hours on the battery life. I went from ~5 hours to ~7 hours despite the device claiming that it's discharging. I hate it when electronics are fickle, but I especially hate it when they give me conflicting information.


      Which leads to the next issue...


      2. Driver is not installed correctly

      Right away, Windows Vista decided that the driver hadn't installed correctly. I went into the Computer folder, saw that the Nook was listed as an MTP device. Unplug, replug, find that it's now listed as MyNook, Portable Media Player. That was promising until I clicked on it and found that I couldn't drag and drop files. The only thing I see is the Nook listed as Internal Storage and the number of gigs left on it. And I keep getting the blasted "driver not installed correctly" message every time I hook the Nook up to my laptop.


      But now that I think about it, is it possible to drag and drop files on to the Nook? If it isn't, then this is one issue I've been worrying over for nothing.


      3. SD Card apparently can't be read

      Okay, so I couldn't drag and drop files. So I'll just take the sd card out of my phone, add a few epubs to it, and slide it into the Nook. That'll solve one problem temporarily. Well, it didn't. Once the dang thing was inserted, my Nook said that it was scanning the card for errors. A few minutes later, it was still scanning for errors.


      "Forget you, then," I said, and tapped the message out of existence. I went into the Library, checked to see if the card is there under My Files... and it wasn't.


      Just how long does it take for the sd card to be read? Would I have to format it first before I can use it for my Nook?




      I haven't been this frustrated with an expensive device in a long time. I don't usually drop a lot of money at one time on a single item and accessories, so I'm pretty upset. I'd hate to return the Nook after all the trouble I went to set it up (especially getting my Gmail accout set up), but I'll do it if that's the only solution. (And pray to the deities of electronics that the next Nook isn't also a dud.)


      Are these common problems, or did I just happen to pick up a glitched Nook? I was debating whether to buy a new adapter and cord and see if that solves at least the charging problem.


      Added before publishing: All right, I have my Nook hooked up to my laptop. Charge light is on. That's promising. The battery charge percentage is steadily going up. At this time, it's at 20%. BUT it says that it's NOT charging. *headdesk* Which is it, you duplicitous device? :manmad:

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          Sounds like a bum device; unfortunately with anything mass produced there's going to be some lemons out there.  I'd just return it to Wal-Mart and have them give you a new one and you should be fine.

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            The preferred SD card format of the Nook HD/+ is exFAT. WinVista may not have a module that understsnds the format (I know I had to downlad a patch for WinXP to enable exFAT). And the card should be formatted by the device it will be used in!


            The device really needs around 1500mA to charge. Computer USB ports are 500mA per 4 port hub. With the display off, the device may charge, but too slowly for it to report that it is charging.

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              All right, so it seems that I might have to buy another SD card specifically for the Nook and download a new driver.


              The device is still charging when it's hooked up to the laptop (currently it's at 52% percent; I turned off my laptop and the Nook since I hate to leave anything that gets hot running overnight). I suspect that I might have a faulty wall adapter, which, after a search through the forum, seems to be a common problem.


              I'm feeling a little better about my Nook now that I see it's finally charging and I have a couple of other solutions.


              Thanks so much for replying!

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                SanDisk Class 4 cards work best in the HD+. Other classes seem to confuse it. Size is not an issue on the card, just the class. And as suggested, format the card IN the Nook.


                The wall chargers have been known to not charge as you saw. Fortunately, you can get a new one but I don't know if BN will exhange one for you. They're sold separately on the BN site and at the stores.


                As far as drag and drop, there are a lot of things that won't play on your Nook because the apps and such are proprietary. If you want to use Google Play or the apps one finds there, you'll have to root which you can do off the SD card or internally. Then you would have full access to everything. Right now, you're limited to the apps sold in the BN App market.

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                  1) Battery


                  Wall charger should charge. Just leave it in for a bit.


                  PC will only charge if you turn the screen off. It shows 'not charging' because when screen is off then it is actually using more power than it is getting.


                  So - You leave the device for a bit. Screen goes off. It goes from 16% to 18%.

                  You turn it on to check. It's no longer charging since screen takes more power than USB port can provide. So it shows discharging. However, value has gone up.


                  1b) Leave it overnight in wall charger. Or overnight in PC.


                  IS this the first time you used it? It's ALWAYS ALWAYS critical to let it charge to 100% the first time.




                  2) Driver issues. Lots of driver issues with Windows and Android 4.0's MTP protocol. Nothing B&N can do there. You can search online to see that nearly every Android 4.0 device has driver issues.


                  It'll take a few tries to figure out what works for you.


                  Upgrading to latest version of Windows Media Player works for some people (as it has the latest MTP drivers).




                  3) SD Card can't be read. See the other posts in this thread. Good information.




                  Quite frankly, I can see why these 3 issues would make you think 'everything that could go wrong has gone wrong'. However, these are all easily fixed items. The first and second you only have to fix once. For the third you just have to find the right type of SD Card (Sandisk 4X) and then set it up right once.


                  However, and this is again MTP in Android 4.0, the problem is that MTP doesn't work very well with SD Cards. Especially not with large files. So you might see repeated problems. There's no permanent solution for the SD card issue. However, you might luck out and get your SD Card working well most of the time.