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    What is the release schedule for ebooks?

      Heya, I just bought the Nook as I was attracted by what I considered the superior ereader after some research, and am largely happy with the products. However, the library has been found wanting. I assumed since it claimed over twice as many books as Amazon's ebooks, it'd have more of what I was looking for. Well, I've looked for around a dozen books on the store that I'd like to keep around for a writing project I'm working on (I have hard copies, but its heavy to keep 10 large volumes with you if you want to go work elsewhere), but none of them have been on the B&N ebook store. Ironically, Amazon almost had all of them for their Kindle, despite supposedly having a smaller library.


      I was wondering if B&N continues to release a backlog of books (ie, older releases that haven't been ebooked yet), and if there is some sort of schedule or guide of what they intend to do? At least an upcoming releases page? I've tried to google this extensively, but couldn't find any information. I'm happy with the product itself, but am so far dissapointed with the library to the point I'm considering taking it back, simply since the kindle seems to have them all.


      It's actually somewhat amusing since the reason I avoided the kindle is I thought I'd have this problem with it...