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    Battery is flat flat

      Yesterday I put my Nook down and it had 91% battery. This morning it wont power up because the battery is flat. Why would it go flat with nothing being used? I have sound and WiFi turned OFF.




      ps I got the lastest up grade installed at a BnN store just last week.


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          Just a follow note. I have found that you can accidentely hit the sound buttons. I have mine on mute all the time. But if you acidentially hit the + volume switch it turns the sound back on. I'm then assuming with the sound on that the battery will leak down.


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            I'm fast coming to the conclusion that the Nook is a LEMON. My battery was at 97% at 9pm last night. Without touching it, (sound and WiFi turned off), it was at 87% at 9am this mornig. At 3pm it had dropped to 23%. It has just sat there all day. A 10% drop in 12 hours. A massive drop in the next 6 hours.

            No matter what I try the battery/power consumption makes the Nook completely un reliable.


            You don't buy a Nook to be tethered to a power outlet.


            BnN need to get their act together or the word will soon be out there not to buy one.





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                It's possible that one of your apps was running in the background of your nook. Not all of them actually end when you hit the 'n' button to exit. These will drain the battery quickly. The best way to determine this is to charge your nook fully, then turn it off then on, and leave it overnight. Check the battery again in the morning and see what the battery drain is. 


                You can also download an app manager from the app store and that will tell you what is running at all times and allow you to exit when you want. 

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                The only app I have installed is Office Suite Professional. I haven't used it for several days. In that time I have turned the Nook OFF, (not to sleep), several times.

                So why the drain of just 10% overnight but 50% in half that time during the day?


                I like the Nook but this battery issue is getting the better of me.




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                    I have noticed a problem with the "charging" icon.  It happens very seldom but when it does the charge drops radically over a short period of time.  What I see is that the NookColor is not plugged in but the icon is showing that it is charging (if I don't see it quickly that part of the case warms up).  The only way to stop the blinking icon is to completely turn the NC off and then back on.  This difficulty has been around (and noted on these boards) for over 6 months.  Besides these episodes my battery charge takes me through most days of use, the only time I have to plug the NC in during the day is if I have been reading for 7+ hours plus some websurfing.  I don't turn my sound down and I have a number of apps installed.  Good luck with your NC.

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                      A few questions for you: 1) Were you using it at all during the day, and if so what where you doing? (Reading, web surfing, etc). 2)Where you in different location during the day? Was your wi-fi turned on? The reason I ask these things is because doing different things drains the battery at different rates. Watching videos, playing games, and web surfing drain the battery quicker than reading. Having the wi-fi turned on will drain the battery quickly. Also different wi-fi connections can drain the battery differently. Something that is secure and stable will maintain a longer battery life than somethin that disconnects and reconnects often. However, if you were leaving it in the exact place doing the exact same thing, your nook is probably faulty. Take it to a store and get it replaced.