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        Worst Impressions  is a YA urban twist on Pride and Prejudice featuring Liz Bennett, a basketball phenom whose already dramatic world is turned upside down when two popular boys enter her life--one vying for her affection and the other plucking her nerves. It's a laugh-out-loud romantic comedy for young adults of all ages.  Only 99 cents. Free on Smashwords until April 7th! https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/46950

        Urban Teens Read said...
        ""Read it in one night! Amazing (: too bad I was running on two hours of sleep today at school."
        "Karla Brad[y]'s novel "Worst Impressions" AWESOME!!! Please pick up your copy ASAP!!!"

        A Teen Reader Says...
        "This was so funny I was laughing most of the time I read this. I finished this book in just three hours.... Her mom was over protective and her dad reminded me a lot of mine. The love story had a lot of drama and boyfriend stealing... But what I liked most was Liz, who was a good girl that loved her sisters who she thought were more pretty than she was. I give this 5 stars out of 5...."

        My novel for grown-ups, released by Simon & Schuster last Tuesday, is also available (not on sale).Hilarious romantic comedy...


        The Bum Magnet  


        The Bum Magnet 

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          Hi, I'm new to this board..

          But I just wanted to post about a book I just finished reading, it was a page turner and it's FREE! It's called the The Wrongful Death, The Aids Trail.  I don't know if this book was mentioned or not so please forgive the redundacy.

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            I just found this and didn't see it on your list. I read the hardback a few years ago and thought it was very good, so I was excited to pick up the ebook version ($1.99 as of today).. 




            Hawk of May




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              Hawk of May is one of the historical fiction offerings by Sourcebooks.  It is on my list, but it's always good to highlight the best ones.  That's one I'd decided to nab for myself, although of course I haven't read it yet.  Thanks for the feedback!






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                A couple of days ago, I found Blindsight by Peter Watts for $2.99.  When going to post the link, I found this:  Blindsight - By Peter Watts (Formatted & Optimized for Nook)  for 99 cents.  There's also an edition that's $9.99.  Go figure. 


                I read this book last year (library copy) and am rereading it now.  I really liked it, but it was very dense and a bit confusing.  I think it will benefit from a reread.

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                  FYI you can also find a completely free ebook version of Peter Watts' Blindsight, if you check out some other websites.  I think you can get it from Manybooks.net although I think I had gotten a copy elsewhere (can't remember where now).  When an author chooses to make their work available for free, it makes me wonder if it's even legal for other publishers to come along and then charge for it on a site like B&N...






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                    KirstyHaining wrote:

                    Hawk of May is one of the historical fiction offerings by Sourcebooks.  It is on my list, but it's always good to highlight the best ones.  That's one I'd decided to nab for myself, although of course I haven't read it yet.  Thanks for the feedback!






                    You're right - don't know how I missed seeing that!


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                      My TBR pile is getting so "tall", I don't know if I'll ever get through it. But I love having all those books to look forward to!

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                        1923  It is now $1.19


                        It's a personal as well as a social history. Smith has the knack of bringing the times to life in a way that few writers can manage. It's the ability to tell a story, the knowledge of when to move on & not labour a point.
                        --The Bookbag

                        1923 is a book that succeeds in two ways with ease, both as a personal memoir of a life lived in a volatile age and as a record of that age for all time. --The Current Reader

                        "1923" is uplifting and highly recommended.  --Midwest Book Review

                        1923: A Memoir is a protest against social injustice, corruption, war, famine, poverty, and societies blinded by greed. More importantly, it is the story of hope and the notion that anything can be overcome if desired.  --The Publishing Guru

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                          FYI... there's been some activity on my "Best Nookbook Bargains, continued" list because of the addition of six titles from Hay House.







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                            Just wanted to take a moment and thank you, Doug, and the gang who are kind enough to tirelessly update us on these great deals. I'm telling everyone I know about these threads, especially people who bought nooks on my recommendation, and are disappointed with the increase in price of ebooks. Your work is greatly appreciated! :-)

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                              Hope it's OK to add books to your great topic. Almost bought it at $2.99. Glad I waited. Downloaded it last night and so far it's really good.  Make sure you read a couple of reviews though it's probably not for everyone. Jenny Pox   

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                                Hi, everyone!

                                We got a few new offerings from St. Martins Press today and I'm really excited about two of them.  The first is


                                In the Shadow of Gotham  by Stefanie Pintoff

                                This mystery won the Edgar award in 2010 for best first novel by an American author.  It's a terrific book -- one of the best things I read last year and I highly recommend it.  The author writes well (occasionally brilliantly) and she's created a very likeable detective.  The story is set in New York City in 1905 and so it has some very early forensic science and early criminal profiling going on.  It's a solid mystery -- you won't be surprised at the end as to "whodunit", but you'll have enjoyed getting there.  Snap this up now at the $2.99 sale price (but you should get it even when it returns to full price).

                                The second book is from another great author:

                                Hungry as the Sea by Wilbur Smith

                                Wilbur Smith has been writing action adventure thrillers for years, but one of the great things about him is that he writes really well.  Definitely a cut above your average thriller writer!  If you haven't read Wilbur Smith yet, take this opportunity to buy one of his books during this limited time promotional deal.



                                Although there's been some minor activity on my fiction lists, most of the movement has been on the non-fiction list (Best Nookbook Bargains, continued).  I mentioned the Hay House titles previously, but we've also had some civil war titles for our history buffs.  I guess this is the month for non-fiction!

                                Now as to a few of our other recent posts on the list.

                                ken_j wrote "Hope it's OK to add books to your great topic."  I want to encourage anyone and everyone to post the ebook bargains they know about (and it's especially helpful to all of us if you've read the book and can give us a mini-review).  We like to hear from authors, too.  My own focus (as written about earlier in this thread) is for bargains from the major publishing houses, but there are some really great indie authors and publishers out there that we should all know about.  Accordingly, I have started another essential list for bargains in indie ebooks -- it's not exhaustive, but as I come across them (or think of them) I'll add indie ebook titles to the list for your consideration.


                                Finally, DrDetroit wrote "Just wanted to take a moment and thank you, Doug, and the gang who are kind enough to tirelessly update us on these great deals."  Doug's work on the free ebooks list is legendary (and exemplary -- my thanks to you too, Doug!).  As far as the bargains lists go, I appreciate the sentiment from DrDetroit even if he did get me lumped together with Doug Pardee.  :smileyhappy:


                                And now, without further ado, the links to my bargain nookbook lists:


                                Happy reading to all!







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                                  Ok, so I've been buying a lot of those Read For Free! blah blah blah books and most of them stink. I mean really stink. But, I'm always looking for new resources other than what is available from BN.com.


                                  I downloaded this one the other day... It is the best one I've read yet. A lot of the same old stuff but it did have a section on renting (like netflix) eBooks. Thought it was interesting and a good resource for this thread.




                                  Thanks everyone for your suggestions.



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                                    I found a couple of good crime books from this Xynobooks outfit. Both of these are sort of non-traditional crime novels, but they're interesting. Looks like all their stuff is 99 cents.



                                    Ladies of Market Street
















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