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    Maintenance for nook color

      Is there any general maintenance for the nook that should be done on a regular basis?  Similar to what I would do on my lap top computer.  ie....clear cookies, defrag etc.  Can someone please post a list and how often these things should occur. 


      Also, does the nook require vivus software?  An where to get it.


      Thanks Mary Jo

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          Do you mean anti-virus software? If so, no need. I don't believe any even exists.


          I use the Nook Tablet (similar to the color) and I just make sure to occassionally clear my internet  browser cache (cookies, history, downloads, etc). I also will remove apps that slow down my Nook or seem to cause issues.


          Just keep things tidy on your Nook Color, but you shouldn't have to worry about using optimization tools to keep it speedy.


          Maybe other users may have other suggestions though!