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    Nook Doesn't Keep Track of Last Page Read

      With a couple of books now my Nook Simple Touch does not keep proper track of the last page read when I return to the book using the "READING now" option on the top left portion of the Home page or using the tiny book icon on the top left corner of the page margin.  However, going to the Library list and selecting the book will return me to the proper last page read.  The "READING now" and tiny book icon always got to page 1. This has happened with only two out of about 10 or 12 books read so far, and both books were library loans loaded from Adobe Digital Editions.  Other books loaded with Digital Editions have kept track of last page read just fine no matter which option I used to return to the book. I both cases, the books were added to a shelf I created for Library Loans, but other books from that same shelf have retained the proper last page read regardless of option used to return to the book. Any ideas of what might be causing this erratic behavior?