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    Dropbox App and it's free!

      At another B&N Color Forum, Dropbox was recommended so I tried it and WOW do I love it!  What you would do is open up a Dropbox account on the computer and install their software and it wlll create a Dropbox Folder.  Then you move your pictures and files you want to be installed on your Nook to your Dropbox Folder that is on your computer.  You download the Drop Box App which is free and whatever you have stored at your Drop Box Folder will show up at your Nook.  You will be asked to Export it either to your My Media or SD Card. 


      Since I do not have an SD card yet, I selected My Media - and wow - there was my picture without having to sideload it!    How great is that!

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          I am going to have to edit my post above.  After exporting files from Dropbox - it went to Nook's internal memory which was not what I thought it would do.  I purchased the Drop2Sync app and now use it in conjunction with the Dropbox App and these files do go basically to files that are accessible.   My pictures did go to a picture file but my wallpaper also went there as well.  I have not yet tested music or books - so those I am not sure of yet.  But at least they go somewhere that you can find them!  I guess Dropbox would be better used with an SD Card - but again that I am not sure of - since I have not yet started using an SD card.

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            I also use the Dropbox .But instead of transferring pics to my nookcolor, I have been transferring information from my writing app, journal, and devotion apps to Dropbox. Most apps give the email or dropbox options. I prefer using dropbox because it holds so much more files and is accessible from any computer with a click of an icon.