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      Let me first explain, I've had a Nook since the very first one was released.  I pre-ordered it and received in the very first wave.  I have since bought every single version of the Nook released.  I state this so that everyone understands, I am not new to this & am well versed in the Nook and how it works, etc...  That being said, I've noticed a trend lately with new ebooks being released and no samples being available.  I keep a log of books and their release dates, this log extends way in advance.  My current log is through March 2013.  Each week, on Tuesday, I visit B&N and download samples for those new releases.  This has never been an issue, I get several samples each week on release day.  I spend an exorbitant amount on books & do not purchase ebooks unless I've read the sample to ensure that I like it.  I currently have 695 books in my library. 


      Now in the last week, I've had FIVE new release ebooks with no sample available.  I've tried to contact B&N and I get the same answer..."Samples are released at the publishers discretion."  It seems to me that there is a larger issue that no one at B&N seems to grasp.  Since the release of the Nook a few years ago, I have NEVER seen this happen, now all of a sudden, all 5 new releases I've tried to get samples for, not a single one has a sample.  Have all the publishers suddenly decided not to offer samples?  If so, why has B&N not informed us?  Is there a problem with their system that samples aren't being made available?  And most importantly, why is it that no one at B&N is willing to investigate the sudden lack of samples being made available???