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    Viewing Downloaded Epub on Nook for PC

      Hello there,

      I am new to B&N so please be patient with my question as it may seem juvenile.

      I am in the process of publishing on Nook. I have uploaded a file and it has converted. My main issue is that I want to view it on Nook. SO I downloaded NOOK for PC. I tried opening the converted EPUB file with the NOOK...But nothing is showing up on NOOK. SO I can't get to see what the file will actually look like on the NOOK program.


      One of the reasons why I need to see how it will actually look is that the online viewer that B&N has right after it converts the file shows that some of my images are cut off on the right side. SO I want to check the actual NOOK program to see if the reader can scale the pages so that the entire image will show up. I know it can be done with the fonts, but I am not sure if NOOK can do it with the image.


      If it can't then I may have to go back and adjust all the images on my source file.


      Anyone out there has had to deal with similar issues?


      I appreciate your replies.



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          I was able to find an answer through some of the previous posts. But one other question...thanks!
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            I'm having the same problem. I need to look at my converted files in EPUB to make corrections to my book. After downloading the file, I'm prompted to open it with the Nook desktop reader, but the file doesn't show up in the reader. There doesn't seem to be a way to get the Nook to open the file.


            I contacted Nook support, but no word from them yet.







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              If at all possible you should check your work on an actual Nook device. The PC version and the previewer inside pubit are flawed when it comes to this. Your margins will look different. Your paragraph spacing will look different. Your images, if you have any, will look different.

              Unless you upload to an actual Nook, and thumb through it there, you're never going to see how it looks to a reader.

              Don't get me wrong, they (BN/Pubit) may have fixed this issue, but I wouldn't gamble my book on it. If you don't have a nook, ask a friend to download it and check it out for you, but the choice is yours. Until I knew that my book looked, and was formatted perfectly for a nook device, I wouldnt trust what I saw on either of those versions.


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                I had a similar problem. The directions said to open "my stuff" in my library and then select the Add New Item button. I would open the Nook for PC program and could never find the My Stuff folder. Finally, I got on the B & N Support Chat and was told to maximize my window the the program. Voila, the My Stuff tab and Add New Item button appeared.


                I spent two frustrating days trying to make it work with no response to my question by the PubIt! staff or community.


                Also, the final product is different on an actual Nook.


                I like the idea of publishing an eBook directly with B & N, but not the actual experience.