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    NOOK For Android - Beta testers needed

    Alex Garcia

      Hi everyone!


      We're looking for volunteers to help beta test our latest NOOK for Android Free Reading App (for both Tablets and Phones).


      If you’d like an opportunity to help, please email NOOKbeta@book.com with the following information:


      - email address

      - device(s)

      - OS in use

      - phone number 


      Volunteers will receive a message with more information.


      Thanks and look forward to hearing from you!




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          Does the new app include manga like the new Viz Media ebooks, that currently only play on iOS, Nook Color and Nook Tablet? That is, is this bringing something like the new 1.4 Nook Tablet/Color ereader to general Android devices?

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            Saw a manga fan at Anime News Network invited to help with beta testing ~ this was a big issue in the discussion in January of the new Viz Media digital manga volumes, where people describing their experience with manga laid out as basic ePub ebooks and read on the current Android app were really down on it, but people who'd had a chance to read the new format manga on an iPad were much more favorably impressed.


            I had a chance to sample one of the Nook Comics on the 1.4 ereader, and it is pretty nice ~ its only one step below reading Gen Comic (DRM free) pdf comics on the Nook Color, where the stock pdf reader allows you to stay zoomed in from one page to the next.


            So I'm happy to hear that the new ereader does indeed include Nook Comic support.