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    Tablet and n2a Cards?

         It's been 2 days since the n2a cards have been released, and I've been anxiously awaiting reviews and other more brave souls' experience with it before ordering my own...  I'm surprised there hasn't been any more discussion about them!  An inquiring mind wants to know!  I enjoyed the NC with the android root, but have since given it to my daughter and kept the tablet - and have been collecting apps to sideload from Amazon free app of the day.

        (I realize that perhaps those who ordered them haven't even received them yet - but I wanted to get the discussion going!)

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          Mine is arriving today so I will post my impressions as soon as I get it and load it up.

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            Does anyone know what (if anything) this card does with the partioning on the tablet?

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              Got my 32gb card tonight and so far, I really like it.  It is possible to go back and forth between Android and the tablet by rebooting to get back to the tablet as an earlier poster mentioned.  And when I say reboot, I mean via the popup menu.  Having to remove the card doesn't seem to be necessary, but I will continue to fool around with it.  The device boots into Android very quickly and I now really love being able to have HBO Go installed along with Netflix for streaming videos.  Everything is very quick and responsive.  This was a good investment.   

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                Works like a dream, it made my day to see that beautiful CM7 screen come up.  I've got all my stuff transferred over and all my apps installed.  I put it through it's paces and it does everything I need it for flawlessly.  Five stars and two thumbs up.

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                  I have the NC since last year - along with the 8GB N2A card - and it's GREAT - I only go back to Nook mode for some magazines that requiire native Nook mode.


                  For those that are new to all of this.... the SD Card goes into the Nook Coloir/Tablet -

                  there are DIFFERENT ONESbecause the boot technology is different between the NC vs the NT16.

                  You power it down, insert the SD Card, power it up and it dual boots from the SD Card.

                  With a quick choice of boot into the Nook natively, or default boot from the SD Card for full Android. 


                  Nothing is modified on the Nook -

                  it's like booting a PC from a floppy or CDrom vs directly from the Hard Drive.

                  Once you are into Android mode - the full Android Market and all the normal apps are all there.


                  Had been watching for the team to get a workable and bootable version for the NT - and just found out here - vs over on the N2A website - that they are currently shipping...


                  Here's a link to the N2A store


                  There does appear to be a problem with the newly avail 8GB NT vs the working 16GB NT -


                  Will be good to keep reading the threads here and over on the N2A forums.... though they are hard to nav since the categories are overlapping...

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                    Your mention of the school using a proxy brings up another question that the 1.41 upgrade kept me from looking into. Our company uses a Citrix front end to get into the corporate network. I know there are clients for iphone/ipad and Android phones. I don't know anybody who has tried it with an Android tablet, yet. I sideloaded it on the NT and got to the point where it said that the tablet model wasn't registered. Then I gave up since, even if I got a different client, I couldn't install it. Has anybody with an n2a card tried to do anything with Citrix yet, for better or worse?
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                      I have the 16gb NT with a 16gb n2a card and everything works great. Just got the 1.4.2 update with no problems booting from the card at all. The only issue i have found is with the email connecting to an exchange account when running the nook firmware. Love having the option to boot into full android mode with the market and everything else. I still run the nook firmware about half the time for books, etc. But i just like to have the option to use this thing to its potential. I have had a rooted android phone for two years, but just didnt want to root the NT and potentially lose the B&N reading experience. The n2a card gives you the absolute best of both worlds...
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                        Just ordered my N2A card today. I didnt want to bother with rooting an dpossibly bricking my tablet. I cant wait to try it out but am not looking forward to having to reset my tablet to how I like it. I've got things working to where it functions how I need it ie. Kindle and some various other apps. But I need to be able to update apps which I havemt been able to do since sideloading was taken away. Hopefully the n2a card will do the trick.
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                          Please let us know how you like it.  My first choice would have been sideloading, but I think I could settle for N2A.

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                            I finally got mine today - the delivery date was supposed to be Thursday. Not too impressed with the USPS tracking.  But I couldn't be happier with the card itself!  I was lucky not to require a power connection to boot up the card, but even if I had it'd still be worth it.  


                            I did note YouTube videos had moments of choppiness - not too horrible as the sound didn't cut, but noticeable. That was brought up as an issue on xda so will likely require a future update to fix.  I can go stock for that if need be in the meantime.

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                              Is there an update service with the version of Android on N2A?


                              Are there any real caveats I should consider?

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                                Hiberny wrote:

                                Is there an update service with the version of Android on N2A?


                                Are there any real caveats I should consider?

                                I asked N2A about this.  Their reply: "All of our upgrades are provided via a download. Once the download is done you install it to your card and reboot the device. The upgrade will then be automatically installed."  So it appears there is an update process.

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                                  Would someone who has been using the n2a card for at least a few days please comment on the speed and 'snappiness' of the whole experience when using an OS running off the card vs. the originalfirmware.


                                  Or, does the OS load into RAM at bootup ?

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                                    Can you bounce back and firth between the stock nook and the card..? Where do you get this card? What are the advantages?
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