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    Library? No way.

      I was reading my Kindle, and someone walked up and started a conversation, She said that the Nook could borrow ebooks from the public library. Wow! I went down to B&N and bought a Nook. The salesman agreed, you could indeed borrow books from your public library.


      The point of this story is, the library B&N is referring to is the data storage on your Nook. So clever to name a private database "the library". Not only that, but there is the ridiculous limit of ONE time lend or borrow per book, to or from your Nook "library".


      So this post is to remind folks to do some real research if you want this feature. Don't depend on word of mouth or a salesman. Congratulations to the B&N marketing department.


      Oh, btw, the Nook is being returned today.



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          You can borrow e-books from any public library that uses Overdrive.

          Take a look at  www.overdrive.com to find a library near you.


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            You can borrow from real live libraries- you weren't being lied to. Go to overdrive for a list of libraries that lend.Or go to your local library to see if they have e-books.


            If your local library doesn't, a lot of people have joined Philly's library for $15 a year.


            So don't go running off to BN ti you check it out!



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              I'm sorry - you just need to look into it a bit more.


              Nook will display EPub format which is one commonly used by libraries.


              I check out ebooks from my public library (though sometimes the waitlist is long).

              It is a bit tricky at first, there are many steps to go through but once you've done it, it's not so bad.  Just be sure that your library has an ebook collection (go to their website, or go ask a librarian).


              Hope this helps

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                Thank you for the replies. Seems I was a bit hasty. I apologize to B&N for my rash post.

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                  The link in my signature explains everything you need to do, step by step, to get a library book from your public library to your NOOK and read it.  I received my NOOK as a birthday gift in September.  Since I'm unemployed at the moment, I have a lot of time to read.  I've read probably 40 public library books, as well as many free ones from B&N and even quite a few that I've bought from B&N.  Even a few I've bought from Sony.  That's the joy of NOOK (to me!) over Kindle.


                  The basics are:


                  You can't download directly from the library to NOOK.  You need to download to your PC or Mac, "unlock" the DRM with Adobe Digital Editions, (ADE) and then transfer it to NOOK.



                  The short version is:



                  • Download ADE.
                  • Authorize ADE on your computer.
                  • Go to library.
                  • Download an ebook.  (Don't save, click open.  It should open with ADE.)
                  • Plug NOOK in.
                  • ADE recognizes NOOK.
                  • Authorize NOOK in ADE by following prompts.
                  • Drag icon of book (in ADE!) onto icon of NOOK (in ADE!)
                  • "Safely Eject" NOOK
                  • Tap "Check for New Content" in "My Documents"
                  • Read.  :smileyvery-happy:



                  It sounds a lot more complicated than it is.  The downloading of the software and authorizing NOOKs and Computers takes about five minutes.  After that the whole process is about a minute per book.  I've read at least 30 library books since September.


                  See the thread linked to in my signature for the exact steps, including the link to download ADE (although all four of the public libraries that I use also link to the software download) and explains the most common problems people have.  I never had any, other than thinking it sounded complicated.  It's soooo not.



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                    LOL! Funny misunderstanding...

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                      Actually you can borrow from my "brick and mortar" library.  I haven't done it yet, but I have looked over the site.  I put myself on a couple of waiting lists...the problem being that they are checked out just like "real" books and only one person can have it at a time.

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                        IReadaLotFL wrote:


                        The point of this story is, the library B&N is referring to is the data storage on your Nook. So clever to name a private database "the library". Not only that, but there is the ridiculous limit of ONE time lend or borrow per book, to or from your Nook "library".




                        The lending feature limitation is set by the publisher not by B&N.  Amazon recently started the lending program and it has exactly the same limitations as on the Nook.  Oh, and now, a number of the publishers have pulled their books from the lending program.


                        As for libraries, one thing to look into is whether or not you can get a library card from neighboring library systems.  In CA, where I live, you can get a library card from a number of libraries, regardless of where in the state you live, you just have to pick up the card in person.  I currently have 5 library cards, with dramatically increases the number of library books I have access to.

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                          Hi - Yes, you can borrow books from the public library.  That was one of the primary reasons I chose the Nook over the Kindle.  I have downloaded several books from the public library.  Its great.  Check to see if your local library has Overdrive.  Good luck.  I hope you haven't returned the Nook yet.

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                            When you get set up, borrowing ebooks from the public library is GREAT! No fines, the books return themselves, you can't accidentally damage the ebooks or lose them, there's much to love about borrowing library ebooks! I do it with my Nook all the time.


                            Oh, if you happen to have too many library "hold" ebooks come in all at once, and no time to read all of them, instead of opening the .acsm file in ADE, do a "save as" and save it to your computer instead. I made a folder called "Library Books" just for this purpose. Then when you *do* have time to read, double-click that little file and it will open ADE and download the book into ADE for you and that's when the clock starts tickin'.


                            Another tip, if you are having trouble finishing a library ebook before it expires, just DON'T NAVIGATE OUT OF IT! My husband found out that as long as he doesn't leave the book, he can finish it, even if he's taking longer than the actual loan period.

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                              You can borrow books and the latest ones too I have been told.  Library of Philadelpha it cost 15 a year for non residents check it out 

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                                It is easy to borrow books from the public library and download them onto your NookColor.  Yes, there are quite a few current titles, and there is no charge.  The only limitation is that you can only borrow each ebook for 14 days. So, go to your public library's website, go to their "Overdrive" link, enter your library card number and voila ...you will be set to go!  I have been very impressed with the free new books from my public library.  Enjoy!