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    How do I remove books which I added to MyFiles from my  computer?

      I have added books to my NookColor that I downloaded from other sources than B&N to my PC.


      I have been told that in order to remove such books from my NookColor, I just connect them to my PC with the USB cable, and then just use my PC's ordinary file commands to access such files and remove them.


      I understand how to do this, but the only hitch is that usually I work in LInux.   So I wonder if there could be any problems in going about it that way.  For example, if I remove the book , can I be sure the book is really gone and not taking up space but not listed.  I have a dual boot system, and I have found that sometimes when I remove files from my Windows partition, they are not actually removed from the disk but are kept as copies but not listed.  To make sure they are actually removed and the space is again available,  I have to empty trash.


      Where can I find out technical details of what kind of file system the NookColor uses?