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    galaxy tab 2 wakes nook hd+


      Perhaps it is a normal condition but is there a setting that stops a tablet waking another tablet?


      I use the Samsung Tab 2 7 as a remote AV control whereas the Nook HD+ is used as an ereader.  Both the Tab 2 & HD+ were in "sleep/hiber." mode.  I pressed the switch on the Tab 2 to wake it so I can turn-on the TV & cable box.  The HD+ also came on!!


      Never noticed it before as I had the Nook in a closed cover but had noticed yesterday that the HD+ power had been drained to nearly "empty" from about 1/2 full.... so decided to do a "hard select" to put the HD+ into sleep mode.


      So now, I've decided to power down the HD+ when not in use.


      But is this a known phenomenon?  for all tablets?  sensitivety to wifi signals?

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          Never run across that before, and I have a lot of tablets.


          One possibility is that it was a fluke and something else woke up the Nook - any way to test it with device asleep but the case open?


          Another possibility is that the Nook and the Samsung were paired at some piont for doing bluetooth file sharing, and the Samsung scanned BT and that managed to wake the Nook?