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    Purchased book is blank!

      Um, wow. Not exactly a good first experience with B&N's reader. Bought a book, because it was here or Amazon, no non-proprietary option, and downloaded the Mac software to read it on.


      I download the book, open it, it prompts me for my name and credit card number--which, wow, could that system be any more sketchtastic? I don't really want to be typing my credit card number into unknown software, B&N. Seriously.


      But I do, because I really want to read this book, and then (after the program fails and has to be rebooted several times), I finally get the book open.


      ... to a blank page labeled "page 0." There's nothing else there. This is the book I just paid for? Um, hello?


      Seriously, what kind of nonsense is this? And before you ask, I did download another copy and try again--same result.


      Book in question is Jim Hines' The Mermaid's Madness.

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          Welcome aboard and thank you for posting. 


          I have sent you a PM

          I was able to download the book successfully.

          Your Admin.,

          • Ereader problems with Mac Computer

            Yesterday I downloaded the BN ereader for Mac computers ( mine is a Mac OS X Snow Leopard purchased just a few months ago) and had no problem whatsoever. Then I purchased an ebook but could never get it to open. I got as far as the page where I had to put in my full name and my entire credit card number and then I received a message stating that the ereader had "quit." I came on here and read quite a few posts about possible solutions, I even downloaded another version of the ereader from a recommended site, but nothing worked. And I also cleaned out my cache and deleted and reloaded the ereaders and came here and redownloaded the book. It still would not work.


            I've written to BN and I hope they will refund the price I paid for the ebook. I certainly wish they'd print some sort of disclaimer for Mac users BEFORE we make these ebook puchases.




            PS. I was actually considering purchasing a Nook, but if I can't even get the free Ereader to work....:smileywink:

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                Can you PM me the eBook, your account email and a contact phone number so that we can reach out to you....?


                Please reference this post (via link) in your PM.



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                    I am having the same problem, more or less, as @Bedens. Using B&N eReader on my Macbook 10.5, I have successfully downloaded and read other books from B&N.

                    The latest book I downloaded - every time I try to open it, eReader either crashes altogether, or I get the credit card entry screen. Once I've entered my info, I get a blank page zero, and there's nothing in the book.

                    I called customer service and all they said was, it's a known issue with Macs and B&N eReader but we don't know how long it will take to fix. Just keep trying to open the file and someday it might work.

                    That doesn't sound right to me... I either want a refund or the book to be readable. :smileysad:

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                      Thank you very much for your response to my post but I just don't have the time to spend on a phone call at this time trying to work this problem out.

                      I received a message from Customer Service telling me to call them, and there was no offer to refund the purchase price of the book I bought. The e-book I purchased was only a $7 paperback so I guess I will just have to eat this amount and chalk it up to experience.

                      I have sinced downloaded Amazon's "Kindle for Mac" and had no problems whatsoever. I'm not normally a big fan of Amazon.com, but they even allowed me to order a sample of a book first, before I purchased the entire item, so I could make sure the download would work. It would be nice if BN instituted the same policy at some point in the future.


                      Thank you again,



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                      PS. I was actually considering purchasing a Nook, but if I can't even get the free Ereader to work....:smileywink:



                      Nooooo! If you think you're frustrated now, wait 'til you blow $200 on a nook and still can't open your books!


                      For the kinds of books I read, the best option is getting PDFs and reading them in Preview on my MacBook Pro. I'm still not happy with the search utility, but it's way better than the B&N reader and the nook. It also lets you copy text from most PDFs, and it's very fast compared to the nook. Some of my books take five minutes to open, and if the nook's cache gets corrupted I have to delete everything, reset it and reload everything, which obliterates all the bookmarks, furthest read, etc. for everything.



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                        Me too for everything I've read in this discussion.  I took my nook back to Barnes & Noble and got a refund.  They said this is the first nook refund they've had because of problems with a Mac.  I should have asked how many times they've heard these same frustrating comments.


                        Is there any ereader program that works on a Mac?  Do any of the other ereaders work better with a Mac - Kindle, Sony, etc?


                        I agree with one of the other discussion posters - B&N should be up front with the Mac problems and not pretend it's a surprise every time someone brings them up. 



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                            OK people.


                            The free desktop ereader and the nook have NOTHING to do with one another, other than the fact that both are produced by B&N and both read ebooks.  


                            I have used a nook successfully with my imac since I got it in December.  While there are a few things, like ADE, that require slightly different processes/steps to use on a mac than on a windows computer, they all work perfectly fine (not better, not worse, just different).  


                            (I also haven't had a problem with the desktop ereader, but I admit to not using it very much in the first place, as I don't like to read books on the computer.  I generally download all of my purchased books to back them up on my computer, and just use the ereader program to unlock them and make sure they're the correct files.  But to date, it's worked fine.  But your experience with the desktop ereader has absolutely ZERO correlation to how a mac will work with the nook directly.)

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                              I don't know about the actual kindle or sony reader. But I have both of their ereaders on my macbook pro and haven't had any problems. I think I like the kindle ereader's layout a bit more.


                              I too got only a page 0 when i tried via the B&N ereader, but when i used the same account on my windows it worked fine (though the layout was a bit shabby) So yeah, they should either figure out the issue quick, or not let Mac people download the program until they get the time to fix it.

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                              I guess I'm not the only one having problems with Ereader for Mac. It is really frustrating that you can not even access the book.

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                                I'm also having some issues with my mac eReader. Like others, I downloaded a couple of books but when I put in my info to unlock the books the application crashes. I am able to open and read these books on my iTouch but not on my MacBook. I'm not looking to give up on the application entirely as I've really enjoyed my eReader as well as using the app on my iTouch. If someone can help me I'd really appreciate it. 

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                                  I downloaded the ereader this week and I did not have any problems until I updated my computer with the latest itunes etc. update.  It was working brilliantly until I restarted my computer to install the updates.  I am beginning to feel that this is an issue that should be taken up with Apple not B&N, as one of the new updates conflicts with the ereader.

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                                      More clues: ereader version 1.0 downloaded on another Mac in February will read the book I purchased at that time, but it will not read the book I just purchased today, July 25.  The version 1.1 ereader I downloaded today will not read either of my two purchased books, crashing every time I try. 

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                                      Well, after weeks/months of not encountering this problem and assuming y'all were doing something wrong, it finally happened to me.


                                      I went through my normal, periodic, download my new ebooks to my computer to back them up (and opening them all so that they get "unlocked"), and EVERY book I downloaded today now has this problem.


                                      I even deleted those books and tried copying them off of my nook instead, to see if the difference in files made a difference.  No such luck.  Crash every time, and when it did open, nothing but the "page 0" phenomenon.  


                                      For reference, this happened with EVERY single one of the 21 "all-americana" books that were available for free over the July 4th weekend.  In addition to my copy of The Tourist which I bought the other day.


                                      Given that this occurred, out of the blue (no new software updates since the last time I did this) I'm now of the opinion that it has nothing to do with any particular book, but perhaps B&N has changed the way it encodes the .epub files generally that is causing the problem.  (In the past, I used to always copy from my nook, because if I downloaded from the website, I'd get .pdb's).  

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                                          The best Mac compatible reader I've ever had is Stanza from Lexcycle.com. I use it on my iPod Touch, in addition Fictionwise eReader and Kindle Reader for iPod. Fictionwise has instructions on how to load other files into their interface from your desktop.


                                          Don't know if this helps anyone, but I hope so.

                                        • eReader crashes

                                          My eReader just quit working. It crashes when I try to start it. I've rebooted, ... Finally uninstalled and reinstalled it. Same problem. I have all these eBooks but can't open them because of mystery issues with the eReader.

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                                            Nice, I see that my little problem is a KNOWN issue. Just downloaded B&N eReader to try some of their 'free eBooks' and of the 7 I tried, I was able to open two of them. One other does open but shows one blank page. The rest will not let me open using the same username and 'code' I used with the others... Do I just uninstall and try another reader???

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                                              Add one more to the frustrated MAC and eBook!  I could get it to work intermittently with a little archiving, moving back to library, deleting the eReader.  UNCLE!  What I don't get is why not remove the reader until it works.....

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                                                Add me to the list of Mac owners (iMac running OS 10.6.4) having a problem with the latest version of the Ereader.  I tried the classic, The Hunchback of Notre Dame and even after unlocking the book after the prompt (having to use a credit card number for this instead of a password makes my skin crawl! :smileymad:), the book file was not recognized.  I could, however, open a couple of older free books I had on my computer.  Makes me wonder if the Ereader is recognizing the epub format, even though it states the newer version does.  Fortunately, I also own a Nook, so I could download and read it there with no problems,.  

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                                                Solution. Get rid of ereader app and download nookstudy app.