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    Email offer

      I had in my mind that I received an email from BN last week offering a $50 discount on he NT and NC fr members. I tried to find the email this evening and can't. Anyone else receive this email or did I just have a dream and thought it was an email? 



        • 1. B&N special deals / coupons

          Today I received in the USPS mail, B&N coupons for:


          1. $50 off a new (not refurbished) Nook Color, OR $25 off a Nook Simple Touch, ONLY.
          2. 20% off one B&N item.  Long list of exclusions, including virtually everything having to do with Nooks.
          3. Same as #2.
          4. $10 off a box ($25 or more) of Godiva chocolates.


          All good thru the end of the month, except #4 (good thru the 14th).  Good in (non-college) B&N stores or online.


          From the tiny fine print on the back:


          • Only available to B&N Membership holders.
          • Not transferrable.


          The NC for $149 new seems like a good deal, if that meets your needs (I sold mine used a week ago for $140).

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            I was on the road last week when this arrived in the mail, and purchased a NOOK Simple Touch from a B&N in NYC. Any way I can take advantage of this as a paid member? I could always return the NST, then buy another, but I'd rather not have to game the system.