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    'Privacy' button missing in Lend Me

      I have a new Nook HD and I am trying to select which lendable books to mark as private. (I was able to do this previously on the Nook Tablet). All the instructions say to click on the Privacy button in the upper right of the screen on the Lend Me tab of the Nook Friends app - but it is NOT THERE. There is NO privacy button. I've looked everywhere else on the HD I can think of and can't locate this feature.

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          I had a really hard time with this too, lol They certainly didn't make the privacy setting as easy to find on Nook HD as Nook Color/Tablet. Refer to page 63 in your Nook HD user guide to change your privacy settings for specific books. Read carefully and follow the directions and you shouldn't have any problem! Good luck :smileyhappy: