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    Thank you, B&N

      I apologize if this has already been covered in another thread, but I want to thank B&N for allowing me to bring my Fictionwise and ereader.com libraries into my Nook library. I started reading ebooks on a Palm device in 2001, and I had quite a collection between the two Web sites. When the original Nook was announced, I was so excited to see a dedicated ereader that would allow me to keep using those libraries. Then came the Nook Color and the NST, both without PDB support. This gave me 3 choices: lose my books, remove the DRM from them and convert to EPUB (possibly illegal), or not upgrade. Now I don't have to make that choice. Of the several hundred books I own from ereader and Fictionwise, only 2 aren't able to brought over. I know some would say that this is long overdue, but definitely better late than never. Thank you.
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          Great to see someone appreciate a good feature. Thanks for your post. I think it's a very valuable addition, as is the support for ePub.

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            I'm glad to hear you've heard from B&N regarding your old eReader library.  I'm still waiting and think a call will be placed this week to figure out where all my books have gone. 


            I concur that this will be a nice feature once my books are transfered over. 

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              I have not receivied any info on opting in.  And its now December 10, past the last sale date.

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                I'm glad that the sites are combining and that I'll be able to read everything under one reader, however, my library is slightly larger than normal.  I have almost 3000 books between the two websites and considerably more than 2 will not be transferred.  I've been expecting this and will keep the reader apps on my computer and so be able to continue to enjoy those books that aren't being transferred.


                Has anyone seen cases where the thumbnail picture is for the wrong book?  I have several cases of this.  In two cases, the actual incorrect book has been transferred.  Much fun as the children's books are, the Arthur C Clarke Venus Prime novels are a little more my age...


                I am seriously happy over the fact that most of the books I ordered in Microsoft Reader format are still being transferred.  I thought I'd lost the Roger Moore autobiography My Word is My Bond without getting a chance to read it....


                Thanks for the heroic efforts to convert these libraries for everyone.