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        Wonder if some of you could give me an honest opinion.  I've never had an eReader and after doing a LOT of research and checking all the respected sites like PCMagazine, CNet, etc., (trying to decide between the Kindle Fire, the Nook 16GB Tablet and a regular tablet but with BOTH Amazon and B&N apps), I decided on the Nook Tablet -- which was considerably more affordable than other tablets.  But I definitely wanted more than just a basic reader.


        I was all set to buy, and then I saw the fine print about the change coming on March 12, 2012.   Now ... please forgive me ... but not being a computer person AT ALL, does this change do anything to increase the NT's flexibility and make it more tablet-like?  Or will it restrict the device even more?  


        I'm starting to think I might be unhappy with a Nook Tablet -- even though it's their top of the line model -- down the road, because eventually I'll want apps that B&N won't allow access to.  It seems to be the biggest drawback when comparing the Nook and the Kindle.


        One more thing ... I can probably wait until the end of the year ... and I'm wondering if there's any chance B&N will be coming out with a "new and improved" model that will solve some of these issues?


        Thanks to anyone willing to weigh in on this!

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          I'm starting to think that the real purpose behind the NT8 is that BN saw a sales bump for the NC once they dropped the price to $200, even with the superior NT being only $50 more. I was in Target yesterday, and they had NCs on sale for$169. That tells me that BN is nearly out of their last manufacturing run of NCs, and still wanted a product at that price point. I'm sure software, etc. Is simpler, ongoing, with 2 models so similar, rather than ordering another run of NCs. I don't know if it means anything or not, but the store had NCs and Kindles in stock, but the shelf space for NT boxes was empty. They had one on display, though.

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            Reisnice wrote:

            I was in Target yesterday, and they had NCs on sale for$169.

            That's the new Nook Color pricing, announced at the same time as the NT-8GB was announced. If Target was treating it as a sale price, it means they think the price is low enough that they can persuade shoppers that its a special discount and they better hurry up and buy if they want one.


            Reisnice wrote:

            I'm sure software, etc. Is simpler, ongoing, with 2 models so similar, rather than ordering another run of NCs.

            They also could be looking to cost cutting that they can do to the Nook Color to hit the $150 price point, now that the Nook Color is established as the "budget color reader" line.


            The most expensive part of a tablet is the display, and the Nook Color display being a generation behind will account for a good chunk of the $30 price difference, but if there's an available less expensive alternative 1024x600 display, they could be aiming for the $150 price point. They'll have some notion of the appeal at that price point, as that was where they were selling the refurbished Nook Colors between the introduction of the NT-16GB and the introduction of the NT-8GB.


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              I bought one last week.  I really like it.  As a long time user of mobile devices, I really like it.  The only complaint I have is the lack of apps.  Too bad those that create Android tablets like the nook don't open them up to what is now Google Play.  I lhave aDroid phone and love the large number of apps I can get from Google. 


              I just bought a 16 Gig MicroSD card yesterday to add to my NT 8GB.  I may put Android for Nook system on it tonight.

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                Alex Garcia
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