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    SMB/CIFS Network Shares with CifsManager (Streaming contents)


      WARNING: Perform at your own risk.

      Checksum 7B38F949D28D863D01151B661A09FDE9 *cifs.zip 2.34 MB
      Archive contains cifs.ko, nfs.ko (not tested), nls_ntf8.ko (for utf-8 support), and slow-work.ko (required for cifs.ko).


      Access your CIFS/NFS network shares with your Android device. (root needed)

      Manage your cifs/nfs network shares on your Android device (root access needed). This little app allows you to conveniently mount/unmount your network accessible file resources and access your data transparently via your favourite Android app (playing music / videos, accessing documents etc.).

      credit - f3d0r

      How to setup cifsmanager,

      In the settings,
      path to cifs.ko -> /PATH/slow-work.ko:/PATH/cifs.ko:/PATH/nls_utf8.ko
      change “PATH” to the location where you put your *.ko files.

      When creating new share,
      Options -> iocharset=utf8

      If you want your mount point to be on your sdcard,
      Mount Point -> /sdcard/PATHNAME
      change “PATHNAME” to your desired folder name.


      My original XDA thread with tun.ko,



      BTW, this won't brick your NT. Have fun streaming contents. You can put the *.ko files on your sdcard root.