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    How is the app update process supposed to work?

      From time to time I receive notices on my Nook Tablet that an app update is available. I click on it and am directed automatically to the Nook App store on the page for that app. I see the same app screen as if I were going to purchase the app. There are buttons for Open, Share, and Manage but clicking "Open" doesn't do anything that I can see.  That's about it - I never see anything else. No download notice, no verification of the update and no notice that anything has failed. Just silence. Then, a week or two later, the "app update available" notice pops up again.


      Is there anyone who can tell me if this is what is supposed to happen? or...if something else is supposed to happen?

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          If you receive a notice of an update availability, tap on the apps section of your NT, then tap on the icon that looks like a bunch of lines on the lower left section of your NT, and hit "check for updates". All apps with updates will then show, and you can tap on each to update.

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            Thanks for the quick feedback. The problem is, no update apps screen appears. Rather than that, I am directed to the apps store...(there is no process to update the app there.) BTW I do know how to access the update apps function via the apps screen, but that doesn't help with my problem of getting the update process that you describe to run. (And, the "Find updates" link finds no updates.)


            So, I'm in a perpetual loop. I get a notice to upgrade, I click to start the process, get diected to the app store, can't do anything, and receive no notice that anything has been downloaded or installed. Then a week or two later, I get another notice that I can upgrade and the process begins again. (Rinse, lather, repeat in perpetuity.)


            Does anyone else have any problem similar to this?